Life Lately | Vol. 7

February 24, 2017

Crazy and shitty things happens. And when I shitty — they are really shitty as hell. At work. On our daily lives. On our relationships. Oh and on our ‘plans’.

Lemme take you back last month. Remember when I happily announced that I was already on the waiting list? Well, weeks later I tried to ask the administration when would be my “estimated start date” and guess when? SEPTEMBER 2018. Imagine the disappointment. Imagine the regret. I mean if only I’ve known (stupid me), I mean I should’ve known that I’d still need to take an english proficiency exam before submitting my application because I didn’t graduate high school here. Duh. I don’t know where I’ve gotten the idea that it’s okay not to have any proof of english proficiency because well *reasons* I cried to God WHY and told Him I’m really disappointed and that I really want to start this September and I’ll bug Him everyday just so He’d consider this 😂  Silly me, right? If it’s His will so be it. Anyway, after calming down, I’ve decided to take the A&P subject that’s going to start this April (it’s one of the few courses/subject that’s being offered by the college) so that I’d have a lesser load when school starts. I honestly don’t want to because I might get lazy studying because I have work (excuses) and have to drive back and forth every Tuesday and Thursday night (again, excuses) but after seeing my boyfriend struggle and getting stressed out because of his ‘work load’ I changed my mind. I think it really is a smart idea to take some of the subjects before the school year.

Okay. Next. Work. Uhm, I don’t know wth is happening. Crew are yelling at each other (in a bad way); talking shit behind their backs; telling stories that ain’t true; friendships being ruined; well I don’t know — them being unprofessional? It’s toxic on our workplace now. I can’t go through details because *ahem* privacy thingy and if I talk about it on this blog that will make me unprofessional as well, right? Anyway, right now it’s okay — it’s been calm. But you know things aren’t really okay. I’m really excited to leave the place lol. But I can’t leave yet if my start date (at school) won’t be until next year TT__TT Oh yeah, we’re also going to have a new RM because our current RM got tired of driving 45minutes back and forth every day; waking up extra early just to get to our store. So there, he requested for a transfer and the higher ups agreed.

Relationship. I don’t know if I should share it here. But my boyfriend won’t probably like it or appreciate it if I do that. LOL. But yes, it’s been a hell. This week in particular. Oh my poor poor heart. We’re doing fine and we’re getting stronger (and I hope smarter) Oh well, all relationships go through something (problems, etc.) of course, outcomes depend on how the both of you will handle the situation. Right?

Aaaand! Holy freaking shiiit. Our wi-fi’s been acting up for weeks now and it’s causing my data plan to over-exceed its limit/plan which results me to pay the extra charge. Two months in a row. Stupid name-of-internet-provider. My mum already called for their service last night and the technician came here around 2:00 this afternoon to fix the thing. I hope *really* hope that it’ll work properly now.

There! I think that’s the summary of my entire week/month. LOL.


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