Thoughts 101 : COMPLAINING

November 12, 2015

Hi wazzup hello! 

It’s been roughly two weeks since my last post and oh boy~ it’s tough to write an update lol. So, how are you my dear? Me? I’m okay. I’m always okay. I’ve been trying to be in my best mood these past few days — well sort of trying to be not so stressed out with work and everything. One major reason: I don’t want my workmates to be afraid and stressed out (as well) because if ever, there’ll be 3 of us that they don’t want to work with (one is so moody he’s literally scary. I’m even scared of him and he won’t talk to you if he’s not in the mood; the other one’s newly promoted manager and he can’t handle his own stress level while working and during rush hours thus resulting to him venting out on his staff) and as much as I don’t want to brag; my mood and behaviour (or attitude) is improving really well. I used to be grumpy because of 1) coming in at work and finding out that I don’t have enough crew and stock and the manager before me didn’t bother filling in shifts that she took and 2) people who ask for schedules and complains a lot when they don’t get enough hours but when you DO give them shifts they always end up giving it away or NOT showing up at all. /sigh/ those were the days. However, as what I’ve been saying earlier … I don’t want to stress myself out. If they want to do this sh** then go ahead — I’ll tell them they’re not supposed to do *this* or they’re supposed to do it like *this* because it’s the proper procedure — but if they choose to ignore me then so be it. At least I’ve done my part, right?

Another improvement that I noticed about myself is that: I haven’t been complaining since *I can’t remember when* Well, I came to realize that complaining won’t get you anywhere. What’s the point of complaining when you aren’t doing anything to improve the situation? Complaining should be avoided especially when you choose to blame it on someone else and/or ignore the situation and you just keep on blabbering about “what should have been done” or “this is *insert-name-here* fault. He could’ve done this during his shift”. You get my point? Also, I don’t think you have to complain even though you’ve done everything you could to change or improve the situation but no one’s still giving a sh** about it and they keep on doing the same old ways. And even when they ignore you. You shouldn’t complain at all because it doesn’t really help. Lemme rephrase that, complaining doesn’t help at all. Right? Right.

So uh, yeah. Random thoughts again, eh.

I know I should’ve write a post about my very first comic-con experience (last saturday) but I haven’t got any chance to do it during my spare time (because QT with my man lol). Imma try to write about it tomorrow after work hihihi 😁 


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