Ten days!

September 4, 2016


I just realized last Thursday that I am working ten days straight. I was looking forward to my Thursday and Friday off that I thought I’m gonna get this week β€” but oh boy, I was stunned when I saw the schedule… Turns out it’s my weekend off.

Ten days. That’s the longest shift I’ve ever done and besides I’m working long weekend TT__TT From Friday night until Monday morning. Oh lord, I don’t know what will happen to me. Plus my math course class starts this Wednesday! Oooh the anxiety >_<

Oh and did I mention le boyfie is off with his friends for this long weekend? He freaking went with them even though he’ll start college this Wednesday also. What an a-hole. Nah, just kidding. I think this is better. I need to get use to this kind of situation/set-up because starting this Wednesday, we won’t be able to see each other as often as we used to. So I guess this 4-days trip away from me is my ‘practice’. Besides, for two days now we haven’t really talk β€” there’s no communication between us. I mean, he called me last night and tonight but it’s like a two minutes call. LOL. He’s actually just using his friend’s phone to call me because he doesn’t have one 😁  Which is good so he won’t text anyone or no one (girls, obv) will random text/call him to hang out.

It’s long weekend and I’m working ten days straight and I am glad I survived my Friday night shift even though we don’t have enough staff (2 people called inΒ lie sick) and Saturday night is not really busy. Sunday β€” not too sure, maybe during lunch.

Sigh. September will be a tough month β€” three people are on a month holiday, two of them are planned holiday while one is emergency and she needs to go back to the Philippines because a family member died. That’s sad. Oh well, I guess I’ll just beat September with my hardheadedness lol.

Good night!

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