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August 11, 2015

It’s been a week already since me and my mum went to Winnipeg to take the Canadian Citizenship exam. But before I share the result, let me tell you my experience and how I prepared for it (and our adventures on our way to the exam site muhehe).

When our paper for citizenship got processed months ago, my mum told me to visit an online site to practice for the exam. However, given that I am a procrastinator, I ignored her advice — I went on with my daily routine. Home-work-date-work-sleep.

I really thought our exam won’t be till next year so when we received the letter of ‘notification’ for the exam (and found out the exam will be in two weeks) I … still didn’t study. Okay, more like I tried to but I can only do online practice test for 15 minutes (or less). Both my mum and dad always ask me whether I am studying and I always answer them yes. Hey, I actually did some studying — they just often see me playing SIMS or watching anime 😅 Four days before the exam, instead of practicing, I went on a date; the day after (it was my two days off) I told myself I’m going to study but I end up playing SIMS and spent a little time to read the study guide. Sunday night (we had the exam Monday morning), I tried to at least double the set of practice tests and aimed to score a 100%. Well, I had a decent score — enough to pass the actual exam.

Here comes Monday, mum tried to wake me up early (we had to leave at 6AM because of the constructions on highway 1 and somewhere along the way) and even though I slept at 2:30 (my dad came in my room at 4AM to say good luck before going to work and I just fell asleep half an hour before he came [he kinda disturb my sleep]) I forced myself to get up. We left 15 mins after 6AM and I was actually expecting that the construction didn’t start yet (my friend’s mum who’s going to take the exam as well texted her that) but oh boy was I wrong. The construction had already started. We didn’t wait long, however it is kinda annoying to wait. I was hungry and sleepy and the car visor doesn’t really help to block the ‘rising sun’ (I’m short, you get my point?)

The drive in the city is actually smooth, aside from the part where we almost collided because a black truck suddenly cut through my lane to give way to the ambulance (I honestly didn’t check my mirrors to see where’s the ambulance. I could’ve stopped and give way if ever. I feel bad) and some drivers who don’t actually use their signal lights whenever they’re gonna change lanes. Arriving to the exam site, I just had trouble looking for a parking space, and I am forever grateful to the man who moved his car just so we could park beside him lol. THANK YOU SIR!

Since we arrived pretty early, we spent time in the coffee shop preparing for the actual exam. Half an hour later we decided we should just relax our mind. I wasn’t nervous. I am not confident that I’m going to pass it. Maybe I was just calm. Anyways, before I even realized what was happening, we’re already on the third floor — waiting on line outside the room where we’re going to take the exam.

Our names got called (I didn’t bother correcting the lady when she pronounced my name wrong) and I got seated just beside the door. When everybody was inside the room (those who’re going to take the exam), the same lady went over to the rules/guidelines on what to do during and after the exam; she handed us the folder and when she told us to begin I almost rip the exam paper in two. LOL. The content of the questions are different from the practice exam (OF COURSE IT’D BE DIFFERENT DUMMY) I think I forgot to remind myself that lol. I was still recovering from shock but I decided to start (we only had twenty minutes) and tried to answer the questions I know.

Before I raised my hand to submit my answer sheet, I checked whether there are people who finished ahead of me. When I saw that they were still busy answering, I double checked my answer and tried to count how many correct/sure answers I have. One…two…three… I’ve count 15 — I’m not sure about the rest. Deng, I was so sure I’m not gonna make it. I told it to my mum when we’re already on the 4th floor waiting for our result. Our names got called again. Right when we got it, the lady behind the desk welcomed us and told us: CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU. YOU PASSED. 17. 19.

I was like, wait whut?

And then be like

Yup, I wasn’t really expecting to pass the exam but thank GOD I did. And to score 17 over 20 woah, that’s pretty amazing for me. Considering I didn’t study enough LOL. I was expecting a 16 if ever I passed. Anyways the lady behind the desk/glass thingy (kinda) interviewed us (she asked what we did last weekend) and she told us that we’re going to receive a letter 3-5 months from now (from the day we had the exam) and it’ll let us know where and when we’re going to do oath taking.

I am happy that it’s finally over. Happier because we passed the exam. Excited because well, who wouldn’t be. Anyways, I had bad case of headache after that. Good thing my mum always carry meds with her. She told me it’s because of the stress but I told her it’s because of lack of sleep and well, hunger. Well, since it’s already lunch time we decided to grab lunch and do some shopping. “The rest are history” HAHAHA

That’s all folks.


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