January 27, 2015

According on my ‘To-Do-List’, I am supposed to be in the gym for an hour; but, what the hell am I doing — still on my bed with my laptop browsing any sites I find amusing. Sigh. To think I was really excited to hit the gym after 5months or so.

Oh well, I slept until 2:30 this afternoon and it’s a little bit difficult to run on a treadmill when you just woke up and when you sleep at 3:30AM the night before. I might end up feeling dizzy and might just passed out if I’ve pushed thru my plan. Besides, I’m actually planning to ‘re-condition’ my body first by doing a little bit of Just Dance on my Wii 😀 So that if I ever go back to the gym I won’t feel dizzy as much as I did last time. And I’m actually considering this thought: I might as well just walk my dog every night instead of paying $50 for a month use of the gym which I might not do every day because I alway slack off lol.

One more thing that’s in my list today is to skates with my friends. I wouldn’t miss the chance that’s for sure. Oh and yes, I promised my friend to draw the characters in One Piece and I haven’t started it yet. I told him it’ll be done by December of 2014 and it’s already 2015 and guess what? Not a single line has been drawn by me yet. Oh emgee!

Anyways I’ll try to do it later this evening, after we skates. Aish! Why is it so hard to find inspiration to do stuff? I’m also having a writer’s block and can’t continue my fic for 3 months now -_- I’m sad and frustrated. Why oh why?

Tsk. Tsk.

– end of entry –

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