Regrets? Nah

August 28, 2017

It’ll be September in four days and I’ve given up hope that I will start school this year 🤷🏻‍♀️ tho I took up A&P2 evening class (6-10pm) Which is a good choice – I’ve been also wanting to take Sociology but apparently the course is not available this term, there’s Psychology tho but I’m gonna pass on it. Might take it on January or April. 

So, it’ll be September soon and I’m still jobless. I am still waiting for that phone call from the hospital *sigh* I can’t even buy anything because I’ve got no source of income. I’m not allowed to touch my savings, that’s for my college. How am I going to pay for my credit bills 💔 I am kinda regretting the choice I made last May. Why the hell did I quit my job? Even though I was starting to hate it the pay ain’t bad so why? Maybe I really don’t want to stay there anymore. Maybe I really need to grow up and look for a job that will make me grow as a person.

No joke tho, I need a job. I don’t want to be picky ’bout this but I really want a job in a hospital or in the home care. Mainly because it’ll help me on my studies. Right? Sheexzus Lord, please give me a job? The struggle is real. Keep faith self. Keep faith. You’ll get a job soon.


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