September 8, 2012

Hell week is over. FINALLY. I called it ‘hell week’ because I’ve been working my ass off since last Saturday and I’m exhausted; mentally and physically. And I kind of twisted my ankle yesterday (Thursday)… There was an empty box of pies beside the trays/crates and I was also carrying four bundles of serviettes and when I was about to go back up front, I tripped over the empty box. My co-workers rushed into me and asked me what happened (which is obvious because of my position) and asked me if I hurt myself. I did but I decided to tell them I’m fine and that I was just a little bit shocked and ‘traumatized’. I was kind of limping yesterday though, because my right ankle was still numb from the fall.

Anyway! I know I deserve a holiday; I didn’t had a day-off so I really deserve a one week vacation/holiday, right? Me and my parents are going to Toronto to visit my Grandma and my mum’s brother (and his family) and her sister. I’m not really close to my uncle… and my cousins (including me) doesn’t really like him. I dunno why, there’s just something about him that we don’t like. I’m not close to her wife either, she’s the second wife btw. And about my mum’s sister, well I can’t say we are that close… we go along just fine. Though I love my nephew. He is so cute and lovely and adorable and he’s a little bit shy towards me but when they were here we played together and his mom told me (when they went back to Toronto) that he’s been looking for me and asking when will we see each other again.

Our flight is at 1pm. TODAY. It’s still midnight. But we’re going to leave at 8am since we live two and a half hour away from the airport. And mum was like, We should be there one and a half hour before the flight. I know everyone’s excited. And I bet that I’ll be broke before I can go back in our town. My friends are asking for souvenir and I might as well buy them their christmas gifts already.

That’s all folks! I’m gonna write again when we get there 🙂

|| Why is there a fly in my room? I’m too lazy to get the fly swatter -_- ||

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