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January 2, 2017

Happy New Year y’all!

Can’t believe 2016 is over —  it sure does went by fast. However even though it went by fast, I’m still thankful on everything that had happened on 2016. I guess I could agree that 2016 is the year of realization. LOL What do I mean?

Okay, now that I’m clear on what my reference is, lemme continue. Last year, I’ve finally started to realized what I truly want. I’ve finally realized that my job right now won’t be enough to save something for the future and well — I’ve realized that I want to go back to school to finish what I’ve started. I might have realized all this stuff a little bit late but hey, it is better to be late than never realizing I wanted to do this. Right?

Okay, so an update. Remember I went to the city to take the english exam and that I was waiting for the result for almost a month and I called the institution twice (or was it thrice?) to let them know I won’t be able to submit the result on time and thank God they’re so nice that they gave me extension (so I don’t have to pay another $75 and wait another 2 weeks to process my application). Anyways, I finally submitted the said result/requirement last December 8th right after I got it from the post office. I was actually contemplating whether to drive 45 mins or wait until the next day because the office is open until 4:30pm only and uhm twas already past 3pm that time well I just said f*ck it and called my friend to accompany me. I was trying hard not to overspeed because of the road condition (ahem winter) and by the time we got there I only had a few minutes left to submit the paper so I had to walk-run (so as not to make it obvious that I’m in a hurry lol) Thankfully the office was still open and I was able to submit it to the lady who I just came across to. We went to Toronto for the holiday and before we left I kinda assumed that I’d probably receive a letter from the institution regarding my application sometime on January. Lo and behold, last week, my mum told me that I have a letter from the college — I played it cool because I haven’t told them yet that I’m actually making small steps on going back to school — went to my room and opened the letter. Bam. I wanted to yell but I can’t because obviously. I was thrilled and happy. Because why not — I just received a letter telling me that I’ve met the academic requirements for the program I applied for and that I’M ALREADY ON THE WAITING LIST. Well, I’m hoping I’d be able to start this September tho but I’ll just put my trust on Him and whatever His plans are for me. Oh, I almost forgot the letter was dated DECEMBER 22nd — that’s my freaking birthday and damn that’s the best gift I’ve ever received on my birthday. Thank You G!

Oh right. Now back to the present — hmm, new year eh? Uhm, I didn’t bother making any new year’s resolution list because halfway through January I’d break them already. So I figured I’ll just make the next 363 days as my chances of making my life better and well making me better 😅

That’s it.


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