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July 9, 2014


I know I haven’t been writing and updating this blog too often. It’s not because I’m busy but well — I’m a procrastinator — ha!

Anyways, lots of things and events happened for the past few days (or I guess last month) There’s that Summer Fair at Brandon that me and my friends went to. Even though we didn’t get to try all the rides (we have a tix for ride all you can) we still enjoyed it. I really wanted to cry when we were in Pharaoh’s Fury. I’m not usually scared of heights and I usually yell at the top of my voice to make my fear go away. But for some reason, I didn’t have the guts to try again the rides that we had last year. I chickened out even though I really want to. Bummer! So instead of using our ride all you can tickets, we just went for ‘eat-all-you-can’ mode or more like, eat-all-the-types-of-fried-potato.

A week (or two) later, I got invited by a friend of mine to go with them on a camp. It’s in Manhattan Beach Camp (of course here at Manitoba not in states), and it is one of the church activities for this summer. I had fun! Though I really thought I won’t be able to come because I had to go with my Dad in his workplace and then the friend that I was supposed to go with told me that they’re going to Brandon so she told me to go with her friend instead but then that friend were in a hurry and they won’t be able to wait for me 🙁 I was starting to get mad because first: my presence is not required (to book off an appointment for the passport renewal and those in-charge didn’t explain that properly) and second: I don’t have a ride. So, I made up my mind that I’ll just drive instead. But my friend who invited me, told me not to; and I’m glad I didn’t because I would have ended up lost lol. So I just went with another friend who luckily were waiting for their dad (who was also booking-off an appointment for the passport renewal). So off we go to the campsite. I had fun playing badminton and enjoyed the boat ride, and even though I was really hungry (and craving for soft drinks) I managed to eat enough food. We had to get up early the following day (6am) and I tried waking up early but sad to say I went back to sleep after half an hour. I didn’t even get the chance to eat breakfast lol. I woke up at nine to attend the church service, and yes, I didn’t shower lol. And after the service, we went for a quick deep in the lake, ate lunch and guess what? I went back to sleep. LOL. And for the entire day, I was sleeping. Anyways, when we were on our way back home, we got lost. We forgot to make a turn and just went straight ahead. Thank goodness we have GPS again haha! The supposedly 1 and a half hour ride became 2hours.

And for the last ‘highlight’ for the month: I forgot the keys inside the car. And oh boy! It was so stupid. I won’t go into details but I realized that when life slaps you it really stings and hurt. We were really have a good time that day, goofing around, laughing at small things, ate a lot and then by the time we’re about to go home THAT THING happened -_- That’s the first time I experienced it. Well, for the record, at least nothing bad happened to us while we were on the road (because we’re all having a good time and when you’re having too much fun, sometimes bad thing happen).

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