October 31, 2015

OCTOBER 31st 2015, Saturday

We went to Winnipeg to attend C4CON. I was the oldest in the group that day and lol it was kinda scary to drive when you have passengers that are younger than you (for the reason that something ‘bad’ might happen. BUT THANK GOD WE ARRIVED IN WINNIPEG SAFE AND SOUND) Our journey to the city was fine though we had trouble finding a parking space and I erm hit a wall and almost scratched the right side of our CR-V (luckily it was the tire that got scratched)

I was honestly amazed and thrilled to see Cosplayers everywhere when we entered the building (where they held the event) given that it was my first time attending such event. Seeing them (cosplayers) in real life and not just in pictures/internet was really fascinating and it made me want to cosplay next year as well (I doubt it’ll ever happen tho) We spent half of the day driving; we left Neepawa around 10 and had lunch at Polo Park and did some shopping before we went downtown and for the time remaining we spent it meeting with not so old friends who were staying and studying in Winnipeg. So as we were on the third level of the building (where the goodies are located) we were trying so hard not to spent money on things (and I mean good things) that we don’t really need.

As we walk around ogling (lol-ing at this term/word) on every display we waked pass by, I was thinking that maybe, if I was still in my high school days I’d definitely buy everything I set my eyes on that day. Since I’m not really into anime these days (and the last few years, because I kinda switched to K-POP and any K-variety show cough-Return-of-Superman-cough) my drive of buying everything were lessened plus, the items were expensive (fyi, I am stingy…uhm a little bit stingy lol). For the record I only bought a stuffed toy (Nemuneko-Cat) which is $40 and which I find cough expensive cough. Then my lil brother (not blood related; we just pretend we’re siblings since we’re both only child lol) asked me for money so he could buy a pokemon hat. It was a cute hat and the hat suit his sweater he was wearing so I complied. He chose Charmander but later on switched it to Pikachu (due to my persistence).

Later on as we walk around (for the umpteenth time) we (more like I) spotted a stall that sell plush hat. Earlier that day when I saw a lady that was wearing a plush hat (I think she was wearing the Adventure Time plush hat) I keep on telling my friends that I want to buy one as well but (earlier) we couldn’t find it and I keep on changing my mind. haha. So when we finally saw it we immediately buy it. The funny thing is: I don’t have enough money with me. I think it costs $25 and I only have 10 bucks so we step aside and took out all the coins from our pocket. While we were counting the coins the guy who was selling it was looking at as oddly (maybe) and was secretly laughing at what we were doing. So when we were about to pay and was recounting the coins so he’ll know it was indeed exact change he just took the bills and the loonies and toonie and some of the quarters and told us it was fine. Our faces lit up because 1) we spent hours (not really) counting and recounting the coins 2) we (more like I) got it for $3 less. We were all happy and thankful for that guy 😂

As the closing time approaches and our feet started to get sore from all the walking we’ve decided to just wait for the others (to finish ‘shopping’) outside the hall. We sat there and took some selfies and groupies. We spent twenty minutes sitting and waiting there when we decided to go back inside to look for the others. Anyways, around seven in the evening, we said our goodbyes and see you’s to our dear friends who’re staying in the city. And as we drive home I said to myself: one item has been stroked off from my bucket list 🙂

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