And my holiday’s almost over :)

September 15, 2012

I didn’t write anything yet about our ‘escapade’ but I will once we got home. I have lots to tell/write and I wish I remember everything that happened and the places we went to this week.

It’s not the holiday I had imagined or dreamed of, but I am glad and feel blessed to experience this moment (lol). Going home late at night then waking up early the next morning only to find out that you’re going to leave 2-3 hours than the time you had expected (which of course made me pissed off -_-)

There are so many things I’m gonna miss; the long drives, the tall buildings, the traffic, the RED LIGHT CAMERA, my uncle’s cussing, the beautiful houses, the city lights (at night), the lake/beach, the subway, the buses …and what else? So many things/places I’ve seen that I felt overwhelmed (that’s why I have no pictures taken on my phone) and some of it reminds me of Manila and Marikina, Philippines. I know Toronto is much bigger than the said cities but still, the city made me feel nostalgic.

Somehow, I feel bad for acting like a ‘kj’ for the past few days. I can’t help it though, I’m tired; haven’t had a proper rest/sleep since last week (I didn’t have a day off), and I wasn’t feeling well (colds+cough+tonsillitis).

Our flight will be at 8:45am tomorrow. Meaning, I need to wake up early. AGAIN. (Gosh, I’ve been waking up early for 3weeks already) And I am guessing that I’ll be going back to work on Monday — whatda >.<

Will update again tomorrow. Bye bye!


I’m drinking a weird med. It’s like a juice but it’s a hot beverage. Perhaps a tea? But it’s a medicine O_o

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