. : : A B O U T : : .

Hi everyone! This will be my ‘online’ diary and I am sorry but I am so bad at making introductions so I’ll just throw some random facts here:

  • I was born on the 22nd of December year ’92
  • I am a wannabe writer/blogger
  • I like to read but I can’t be considered a bookworm
  • I procrastinate a lot and can only and probably be updating this blog once in a blue moon
  • love to hoard stuff I won’t be needing.
  • And I’m an only child. Not a spoiled brat tho

This isn’t my first ‘blog’ but out of those multiple blogs I’ve had, this is the most updated. Basically I will post lyrics/videos of the songs I like (mostly korean songs and OSTs from K-DRAMAs) or write about my previous adventures and misadventures with my friends, and my daily musings/rants. Oh and no — I didn’t make this blog to be “popular” or to become “famous”. I made this because honestly, I was bored. lol

Eventually you’ll learn about me as you read my entries — well, that’s if you’d be interested.