Walkie update!

August 29, 2014

Hello guys! As an update before this week ends, I want to proudly share to you that I’ve been walking my dog for three straight nights now *bow* Yes, nights, because well, I was really planning to walk every morning but I just can’t get up from my bed and uhm, I always wake up late anyways. So instead of a morning walk, I changed it to evening. I got off at work around 11:15, change my clothes and by around 11:30 we’re out on the streets for at least half an hour. And oh boy it was great, because there’s no distractions for Luna — no distractions=no barking.

Well as for work,  I’ve been slacking off this past few days. Stress is kinda building up since the kids/students are going back to school and I’ve been having troubles with our schedule (I’m in charge with the schedule btw) because, almost all of them doesn’t want to work weekdays since they want to have straight A’s on their report cards. And we only have like 14 full time staff. How am I supposed to fit those 14 people in seven days without giving them “too much” time? Seriously? It’s hard. Aish. Good thing I’m off tomorrow. I’ll have time to recharge and de-stress. Oh, I believe there’s a party for one of my friends cuz she’s going to college and will move in Winnipeg on Monday. FOOOOD!

I believe it’s raining tonight, what a perfect weather! Well, minus the lightning and thunder -_- I hope it’s still raining when I wake up later at noon lol. That will complete my day. I do prefer rainy days over sunny days, except when I have to go to work or while I’m still at work — it makes me want to go home and curl and cuddle with my pillows on my bed.

Oh yeah, I got nominated for the ALS Ice bucket challenge by a co-worker who Marie challenged because it was her last day at work. I’m thinking of forfeiting and just donate — at the same time I want to try pouring a bucket full of ice and water over me but then I don’t want to film it — so I’ll just donate -_- I GET COLD EASILY.

That’s it for today, I’ll try to update again sometime this week ^.~

– end of entry –

P.S Super Junior’s MAMACITA MV has just been released and I haven’t got to watch it yet lol. Well, I haven’t seen TVXQ’s Something as well because I can’t handle the hotness HAHAHA. I have to pre-order SuJu’s new album but I don’t have money anymore huhubels.

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