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November 9, 2016

I’ve already mentioned that I’m watching Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and I’m already on episode 17. I’m just going to share my favorite OST from the drama (with the lyrics and the video lol) I’m really a sucker of OST of any kind of drama. LOL. The song is uhm… beautiful and tragic. It suits the heartbreaking scenes in series T_T

ARTIST: Im Sunhae

ALBUM: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST Part 9


Gyejeore heutnallyeo tteoreojin kkoccipeun

Hollo nama oerowo seulpeudorok

Byeoldori tteonagan haneureun seogeulpeo

Naerineun bismulcheoreom ulgoman issne

Kkoccdeureun pigo tto jideut bonaeneun maeum

Barame jeonhaejuo

Cheosnuni naerimyeon irwojineum sowon

Geu mareul nan mideoyo ganjeolhan sowon

Aedalpeum naui maeumeul geudae andamyeon

Dasi kkok doraori


A petal is fluttered to the ground by the season

It’ll be alone, lonely, and sad

The sky where the stars left is sad

So it cries like falling rain

Like the flower blooms and falls

Please deliver my mind via the wind

The wish which will become true when the first snow comes

I believe that story, my dearest wish

If you know my grieving heart

You’ll be back again

[credit: ENGLISH kpoply.com]



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