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October 29, 2015

Hello y’all!

Question. Have you guys ever experience receiving prank calls? What’s your take about it? Were you able to tell right away that it is indeed a prank call? Were you annoyed or did you find it funny?

Well for me… I’ve been answering them unknowingly and unwillingly. I don’t have a choice but to answer the phone every time it’ll ring because I’ll never know if it’s from a customer who has a complain or a call from the main office. Anyways, I lost track on how many prank calls I have recieved already. But lemme tell you somehing: if the phone rings again and if it is a prank call — I’ll swear at them in our language. It’s a good idea isn’t it? A very tempting one.

Seriously though, what are they thinking? I mean do they really think it’s funny and fulfilling on their part? What do they get after? A good laugh? Sense of pride? Does it ever come into their mind that whoever they’re doing it (prank calling) already knows that it is indeed a prank call and the one who’s being fooled is the other way around? I don’t really get it. However, I still have to consult my big bosses about this idea because I don’t want to get fired lol. I am honestly serious — I want to swear at them in our language since if it’s in english I’ll get into trouble right away 😏

So guys if ever you want to pick that phone and dial a random number just to prank, think again. It is rude and disrespectful. You’ll never know how the person on the other line will react and what he’ll feel and what has been going on prior to that stupid prank call.

It is okay to do prank call if it is your friend but not to random strangers and/or people who are doing their jobs.

Have a good day y’all!


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