What a weekend!

August 7, 2017

All right! August is here! Four months to go and we’re going to welcome another year!

My August long (long weekend; Civic day) this year is so lit! A friend (who moved in Alberta last December) came to visit us. Days before their arrival (with his dad, brother, and a friend of theirs) we had difficulty on planning what to do. Originally, when she told us that she was planning to visit this long weekend we were planning to go in the city and spend the night there (drinking, night swimming, or even going to the bar) However, days after, it changed to camping. Monday came and we’re still planning on which campsite to go. We’ve asked some of our friends; we even made a group chat for them to cooperate but it seems like nobody wants to step up and help. It was frustrating tbh, and well since it was the long weekend almost all of the good campsites were already booked. Friday morning some of the boys (including my boyfriend) told us (over our group chat) that they are going to set up the tent on the campground they’ve found (it was a first come, first serve basis)

Saturday came and I’m supposed to attend a wedding with my parents but I didn’t go. Mainly because I realized the night before that I haven’t packed the things we’re going to use. And besides that friend came with another friend around 9:30 in the morning to wake me up to help the other friend fix her eyebrows (do you follow me? lol) Finally the time to go to the campsite came. Me and the other girls arrived to the campsite first. The problem: we can’t find where they set up the tent. They told us it’ll be on the far end of the campground. But as we followed the “road” towards the “end” the campers that were situated just before on our site parked their quads and set up their bbq stuff in the middle of the road, hence made me think that we were probably on the wrong track. I backed up and parked the car and by foot we tried to look for our spot. Fifteen minutes (or so) later, we’ve found our spot – hidden because of the mf campers who thought they were already on the farthest spot.

Fast forward: We’ve played cards while they were setting up the fire and preparing dinner. And right after eating, hard liquor started to circulate in the group. This time I didn’t take any shot because apparently I still remembered how wasted I was last week (from our friend’s bday party) I passed out, ok. I woke up still drunk and was throwing up gastric juice (gross, excuse me) And I kind of got sick of the smell of rum and other hard drinks. I can’t even finish a bottle of the flavoured JD vodka that we bought for the ladies. Though I am thankful that I stayed sober because I was able to take care of the two girls who got wasted. My gahd that night was so crazy and frustrating. I didn’t sleep in my tent and in my sleeping bag – I sleep in the car. And I yelled and swear at my guy friends because they were so drunk they keep on talking so loud until 4am.

Crazy things happened that night and words can’t really describe it. That night was so lit 😂 And even though I didn’t really sleep I was full of energy the next morning – then they decided to go to Winnipeg around noon and I was like – I’m not coming (because) sleep is life. But I end up going with them. So we went around 2pm and I thought we’re just going to have lunch there but boy was I wrong. We actually went Go-karting and spend all the tickets (25 tix in total and for go-kart: 6tix each) on Go-kart only. I only tried it twice lol because it was too hot and I was already sleepy. 

We were supposed to eat dinner at Jollibee but since it was a long weekend, the line was long too. As we were deciding where to eat, I’ve realized that I’m not hungry anymore. So the girls ate their dinner in the car while I drive home. 

It was indeed a great weekend. It was fun and I hope it’ll happen again ☺️


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