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December 1, 2017


Okay, calm your tits self – it’s only the last month of the year. Geez, time fly by so fast! Next thing you know it’s 2018 already.

Anyways, an update to the daily life of moi.

Hmm, I had an eye exam last Tuesday, November 28th – and it proved my suspicion that my vision is getting bad. The doctor said that I am nearsighted which I already knew because I keep on googling my ‘symptoms’. Regarding my eye exam, I was really amazed when I see the letters on the screen in HD using that machine where they see which lens is the best one for your eyes I guess? Anyways, he told me to put the glasses on first thing in the morning and to not take it off the whole day. I forgot to ask him tho, until when should I wear glasses? Will it take me years? How often should I get my eyes check? Jesus. I should have asked these questions back then, huh? So since I failed to ask him those questions he led me to the room filled with glasses frames. And honestly I got overwhelmed. I should have brought my mum or my boyfriend with me but meh. My first choice (for frame) is the clear ones and the lady that was trying to help me keep on giving me frames I don’t really like but I tried it on anyways. I asked my friend, good thing she replied ASAP, and showed her my first choice and unfortunately she did not like it. And if she did not like it – my boyfriend will hate it if he sees it (he said it was weird when I showed it to him later that day) So I was left with the other frame which is my fave color – showed it to my friend and she ok’d it – and so I did not look further for more options. I didn’t even consider getting black framed glasses even though those are the usual ones I wear when I used to wear fake glasses (just for fashion lol). I actually want to get those big frames that are ‘in’ today, but I have this feeling that it won’t suit me. Just looking at the pictures from when I was wearing fake glasses with big frames I just knew… it won’t look good on me. Well, the frame that I chose (with the help of my friend) is like that anyways just a little bit smaller lol.

It’s just funny that I used to tell my friends that my ultimate dream is to wear glasses – that I was hoping for my vision to get bad just so I could wear one. And now my dream is almost fulfilled (haven’t got the glasses yet) and I am about to regret it haha.

Our last test for A&P2 class is fast approaching (December 11th) and guess what? I haven’t start studying yet – what’s new, right? And I keep on telling myself that I need to get a 70 at least on my exams but I am not doing anything to help me. Goodness. When will this procrastinating ends? I’ve finished watching My Love from Another Star, I’ve started reading Eragon, and I keep on playing TS4 – what is gonna happen to me? Holy shh! I’m doomed! Am I going to rely on stock knowledge again? No! I’m going to study. Imma start later lol 🤦🏻‍♀️


Well that’s my update for now


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