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September 23, 2017

Aaand we have now entered -ber months. Awesome isn’t it? Three more months people and we’re done 2017. Are you excited? Worried? Scared? Any regrets? Like things you should’ve done when the year started but until now wasn’t able to start any of it? Well, maybe today is the day for you to start doing it. You might say it’s too late but I’d say at least you’ve started doing it. Right? Right.

Well on my last post I was practically begging for Him to give me a job since I’m not starting school this year. Guess what? Thank You Lord for answered prayers! The day after I’ve posted it, I received a call regarding my application. The person I talked to told me about my orientation date/s and where will it be.

So Monday came, September 11th I wake up really early — ate my breakfast and was apparently 6mins late lol But they haven’t started the orientation yet. I was the last one to arrive — or so I thought. A lady walked in around 9:15 hehe. It was a long day — we were told lunch aren’t served so we settled for bagels and iced cap at Timmies and didn’t bother going out because it’s a 30mins lunch break. Anyways I was with an acquaintance — so I went with her. We were done close to 4:30 and had to go straight to my evening class — so exciting eh?

The next day, 12th of September, the start of the ‘class’ was 9am but I arrived around 8:30 because I thought I have to find the gymnasium which I unsuccessfully did. I looked around and kinda got lost so I asked one of the staff and showed me where it is (which is located just  beside the entrance door of the building) Since no one else was there I decided to get some iced capp (I don’t really drink hot coffee idk why — just hot tea) Anyways it was a fun day and it kinda made me realize what kind of work I got myself into. lol

Third day and the last day of my regional orientation — and yay for free lunch tho I didn’t really had enough. I was still hungry at the end of the day. Well, I’ve learned how to do online studying for the courses we will be needing for the job and how to check our income and stuff like that. What to do on our workplace and the proper behaviour for it etc. Then me and boyfie went out to eat and went back to school for my evening class. And even though his class ended ’round 3:30pm, he waited for me until 9pm so we could go home together. Sweet eh? Love him for that <3

And this week as well, my on site orientation has begun. Like legit I started working in the hospital already and holy freaks it scared me because of various reasons:

  1. It’s been a while since the last time I had an experience ‘working’ in a hospital setting
  2. I didn’t really go to school to learn what the aides have learned and had been doing. In short I have no idea and no experience
  3.  I’m dealing with people not food which I’ve gotten used to deal with for like 6 years.
  4. I was legit scared and not comfortable of handling patients’ lives yet (it takes time I know)

Anyways, I am closing to the end of my on site orientation (I still have to do 2 nights on Monday and Tuesday) and after that I will put my name on call and they might call me to work. And I don’t know if I’d be able to do it on my own especially on evenings since there’s only one aide assigned unlike on days where there’d be 2 people. So wish me luck! Oh and yes, I am quite enjoying it lol. Though I’m more excited to start my school term next September hehe.

Well, that’s it folks! Enjoy the fall season 🙂


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