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July 21, 2017

Waddup! I am well and alive. As of now unemployed and kinda bored. My evening class was finally over (July 11th). I know, from my last entry I wrote that that class will end on 6th but the instructor got sick and we missed one meeting which made him add another exam day. It’s kinda complicated to explain but he kind of separated our last unit and the last exam (which is kind of a bonus exam) that we took will replace the worst exam (theory & lab) that we got. Pretty helpful if you ask me but after I saw my grade I’m like “I don’t have to take that bonus exam I already pass this course.” Deep inside tho, I wanted to get an A the problem is I got lazy lol. After the first unit exam I am loosing interest. Which honestly got me concerned because I was thinking, what if I went back to school — will I also lose interest on studying? Will I be a student like before; like back in the Philippines where I didn’t take my studies seriously? To think that there will be courses on my program that require an A or 80 (or higher) to pass.

But then, I also think that maybe the reason why I lose interest on the course/to study the course because it’s just one class every Tuesday and Thursday night and that I was actually working and studying. Work in the morning and then drive for 45mins to attend one class in the evening. So that’s prolly the main reason. B+ ain’t so bad tho.

And even though I want to find a job that’s kinda related to the program I’m taking, I’m still waiting for the result of my IQAS assessment. It is stated on the website that it takes at least 6 weeks (from the time they got the documents) to get the result. I’m not in a hurry to go back working but I received a call from the manager of the ‘facility’ I’ve applied to and she said that whenever I get the results of my IQAS I can call them and see if I could get in. I can’t help but be paranoid that what if that offer is not available anymore. Damn. It is frustrating but whatever lol. Can’t really do something about that.

I’ve finally able to get my dog to the vet. Finally got her shots up-to-date one more shot next year and she’ll be good for 3 years. I’ve been prolonging this lol it should’ve been last December but I always put her appointment aside.

Anyway that’s it for Life Lately. Will try to update again. Soon.


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