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April 18, 2017

Hi! It’s been a while!

Sooo~ here we are again. An update. Yay! You’d be able to read my rants again. YAY. Life lately huh. What have I done for the past … three months? Has it been three months since I’ve written something here? Or just two? Yeah whatever.

Okay. I’ve been going to Brandon for my evening class every Tuesdays and Thursdays. It started April 4th and will be done on July 6th which I initially thought will end on July 4th. Bummer. So far, attending the class kind of refreshes my memory of the course/subject I’ve taken 8 years ago: Anatomy and Physiology and so far, I am enjoying it. Tho it sucks that I have to work morning shifts (6:30am) during those days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and choose to work morning shifts on Wednesdays just so I could book off Friday and Saturday and sometimes Thursday as well.

Major decision I’ve made so far: I HANDED OUT MY RESIGNATION LETTER ALREADY. Yup. I guess I’ve had enough for six years. I wasn’t really planning to quit. I was going to work until I hear any news from the college whether I’ll start school this September or not. If my start date will be next year — I intended to stay until next year. But shit happens you know. And that’s the last straw for me. I remember telling my friends that if something shitty happens to me again at work, I’ll quit. Voila! Something really happened and days after, I’m in front of the desktop computer at work, typing and googling my resignation letter. Before handing it out tho, I told my mum, my dad, and my boyfriend about it and I thought they’re going to get mad or they’re going to stop me but they didn’t. I think they’re actually proud that I’m quitting, because for them it’s not worth it for me anymore. Guess I realized it late. Since I don’t have any idea when’s my start going to be, I’m going to apply as a health care aide here in town (at the home care) so that I’d be able to have an idea what to do on our practicum once the school starts. Oh right. My last day of work will be on the 30th of June and I’m HOLY FREAKING EXCITED!

Hmm … what else is up with me these days? Well, my Word for Mac is not running on my laptop — it won’t open and it’ll be unresponsive hence, force quitting the application. I don’t know what the hell happened. I guess my Macbook Pro is too old already and can’t afford to support the updates on the software so sigh I’d have to buy a new one.

There you go! That’s another entry for me. Woohoo!

– end of entry –

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