Life Lately : Vol. 11

October 24, 2017


So I am back with another random post — well not really a random one … more like an update on what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks — well, not that I’m into something right now. I mean, I am a boring and lazy person; a procrastinator — I rarely go out (of my room btw) — I don’t socialize much. I can’t meet up with my friends because they are busy with school and the other friend is miles away from here. I have no friends at work because uhm 1) I’m new 2) I don’t know anyone there 3) I hate socializing.

So there, most of the time if I’m not working or in an orientation (in care home/hospital), I just stay in my room. Either binge watching Sherlock and Detective Conan or playing Sims4 or sleeping for the whole day or chilling with my boyfriend until early morning (if he is not busy with school work or if it is the weekend). See, boring right? But I love it. I love to stay in my bed all day — it is making me stress free lol. I just love the idea of worrying about nothing. But then, I have nothing else to do — and sometimes I find it boring. Well, I try to do an advance note taking for my evening class every Monday and Wednesday but then I got busy with work — maybe for this third unit I will have more time to take notes.

I think I was busy for the past few weeks because I haven’t had the time to react that three members of my favorite korean girl group (Girls’ Generation) is leaving (or has left already) the company: Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung. At this rate, I don’t think they’d still be part of the group even if they’re on a different agency — I mean look at Jessica. I guess Holiday Night is their last album as a group 😔 I do understand if some of the members left the company — it’s a shitty company anyways — SME plays favourites and they don’t let their artists grow and explore new things. They don’t even support their artists on their promotions for movies, tv-series, musicals, albums, etc. And if they don’t see you or the group as profitable as before they will drop you and will stop supporting you. Gosh I don’t really like that company but my precious TVXQ is still with them 😢 Still waiting for them to pack up and leave the company and reunite with JYJ lol will that ever happen in this lifetime.

Speaking of JYJ — Jaejoong is going to the Philippines this November 30th. C’mon! Why only now? Now that I am not living there anymore? Why do all of my fave k-pop idols/group started to visit Manila and have their concert when we already moved away? WHY!! Oh I am so frustrated. Girls’ Generation visited Philippines for the Dream Concert and they were still complete back then (all 9 of them) and I am here in Canada — it could’ve been the only time I’d be able to see them perform as 9. 

But still, if anyone of my fave k-pop artist had a concert in Toronto I don’t think I’d be able to go. Because it’s too far from where I am right now. Plane ticket is expensive and I don’t think I can get a time off from work. What a sad fan girl life.

Well, this is my ‘update’ for now. I’ll try to make more next time. LOL.



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