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May 18, 2016

Hi! Waddup! Hello!

After movie marathon-ing with le boyfie, we’ve been into T.V dramas lately. Be it a Korean or American T.V show. First drama we’ve watched together was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and then Full House — both K-dramas. Then two months ago, whenever he’s visiting me, instead of the usual movie binging (whenever our day offs permits) we got hooked up on Prison Break. Well, more like he was the one who got addicted to it. I’ve known the series and had watched it before when I was still in the Philippines so I somehow can still remember scenes from it.

Anyway, he’s been bugging me to watch Grey’s Anatomy together but I refused because: first, I’ve already seen spoilers of it over tumblr and uhm kinda know what to expect from the show and lastly, I knew it was a really good show and I’m trying to save it and make a time for it (because it has 12 seasons).

However, he started the show without me and now I’m regretting why I didn’t watch it earlier. I’ve missed all the good stuff and I won’t be probably be able to re-watch the first episodes/season because we’re already in 4th season and it is really addicting. Though, I can’t really watch it on my own. It’s definitely not fun if I’m watching it by myself. That’s what I realized. So, whenever he comes over and watch the show — I had to ask him for a recap on episodes that I missed LOL and then I’d be able to catch up. But then, some of the episodes I’ve missed or the episodes that we’re watching — I’ve already seen it (err the gifs and bits of episodes; sometimes the highlight) all over my dash in tumblr before soooo…

Well, bottom line is: I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how fun to watch t.v. shows/dramas once in a while 😂 AND GREY’S ANATOMY IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST. SHOWS. I’VE. WATCHED. I really still can’t believe I ignored it countless of times.

Ciao. For now.

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