Sunday Currently | Vol. 4

October 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for, right? But for now, lezz do the challenge first hihi 🙂


R E A D I N G my past entry on my ‘faith journal’ It’s not really about faith but I write my letter to Him; the Creator; about the things I’m thankful for; things I feel sorry for and some more other things. It’s a good way (for me) to express my prayers because every time I pray before going to bed I end up falling asleep (in the middle of my prayers) 😅 

W R I T I N G this blog post. What else lol.

L I S T E N I N G to my university friends’ stories. I’m on video call with them at the moment. Hihihi

T H I N K I N G if I should go and take a shower right now or wait until ten in the evening lol.

S M E L L I N G my room’s ‘usual’ scent. Nothing special lol.

W I S H I N G to have a bubble bath later but I don’t have any bubble bath soap -_-

H O P I N G that it won’t be that busy tomorrow because I’ve been working my arse off this long weekend.

W E A R I N G my jammies with my robes on hihihi.

L O V I N G my bed sheet right now 😁 my room is all red. The wall’s red my bed sheet and pillow cases are red 😀

W A N T I N G to spend new year’s eve in the Philippines but we already booked our flight.

N E E D I N G a day-off so badly 🙁 I can’t go on my holiday yet. Two more months TT__TT

F E E L I N G hot. The weather’s really nice today it feels like summer again 😋

C L I C K I N G and trying to find some pictures that’ll suit my content boxes hihihi. I hope I’ll find good stuff 😍

That’s it pancit! I’ll try to post some other post besides ‘the sunday currently’ series 😀

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