The day OT9 became OT8. My heart is crying.

September 30, 2014

I  am really REALLY sad right now. Just read a heartbreaking news that Jessica Jung is no longer a member of SNSD. Reasons? Conflict of interest the company says. And yes it’s already confirmed — SM released an official statement already.

Of course, there are different sides of the story and more to come up. This whole ordeal reminds me of DBSK disbandment. It hurts. It really hurts. To think that this kind of “scandal” happened to my one and only girl group bias. The other members if you’ve seen their pics on Incheon Airport (they’re heading to China for a FM) will confirm that it is indeed true. Jessica is out. Out of those pics, can’t help but notice Hyoyeon’s hands. She’s gripping herself by clenching her hands and it actually reminds me of the show wherein Hyo had a fight with one member and they noticed that she has had her hand clenched. That picture of hers clearly shows that she’s upset. Well all the members are obviously look gloomy. You can feel the bad atmosphere just by looking at the photos.

I’ve honestly didn’t realize nor foresee that this kind of parting of members will happen to SNSD. They just renewed their contract last week for heaven’s sake and this thing happened. SIGH. Even though she’s still under SME, it’s still sad that she won’t be active as a member of SNSD — unless she filed a lawsuit and transfer to other company. AISH! Why can’t she promote with SNSD too?

Nope, it’s not the same anymore. It’ll never be the same anymore. I hope that this halting of activities of Jess will only be temporary and will be back soon. Let’s just hope for the best for all of them. God bless this group. Stay strong SONE and SNSD.

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