Life Lately


Life Lately | Vol. 3

I know I haven't been writing on this blog for quite some time now. I think I've been procrastinating a lot err, scratch that; I am procrastinating. I have all the time to write but I always chose not to XD Anyways, things are great. I am fine though a little bit stressed because of work; the usual busyness during spring/summer days. (more…)

Life Lately | Vol. 2

Well, because August is here already (and I haven't write anything lol) I might as well post the highlights of my JULY. I had my last holiday (for this year) in Alberta. We went to Edmonton, Calgary and Brooks to visit a friend. I left my dog, Luna, for the first time under the care of my 'friend'/co-worker. And even though I was away and was supposed to ask how's my dog doing -- I wasn't able to. LOL. I got…

Life Lately | Vol. 1

Hello! I know I haven't been writing and updating this blog too often. It's not because I'm busy but well -- I'm a procrastinator -- ha! Anyways, lots of things and events happened for the past few days (or I guess last month) There's that Summer Fair at Brandon that me and my friends went to. Even though we didn't get to try all the rides (we have a tix for ride all you can) we still enjoyed it. I…