Life Lately | Vol. 13

DECEMBER IS HERE!! OMOOOOO Okay, calm your tits self – it's only the last month of the year. Geez, time fly by so fast! Next thing you know it's 2018 already. Anyways, an update to the daily life of moi. Hmm, I had an eye exam last Tuesday, November 28th – and it proved my suspicion that my vision is getting bad. The doctor said that I am nearsighted which I already knew because I keep on googling my 'symptoms'.…

New tattoos (pics to be uploaded later)

Waddups! Guess what? I got another (2 actually) tattoos last Tuesday. Originally I wanted the one on my wrist to be inked in dark red and the phases of moon on my arm to be watercolored. But oh well, maybe the artist forgot about it or maybe she knows better. I'll take the latter as a reason. It turned out great and I love it – though I should've asked her to make the one on my wrist a little…


Patience is a virtue. So last Wednesday (Feb. 3rd), I had to go buy a gift for K -- who will celebrate her 18th birthday this Saturday (I am one of her 18 treasures). I was really planning to leave early (around 11-ish) so I can be at home early in the afternoon and do some stuff -- more like just laze around. I already asked a friend if she could accompany me and gladly, she agreed. Of course, I also…

Life Lately | Vol. 4

Let's start the recap!! Yeosh! Monday, September 28th Hmm, it was my day off but I went to the store because we had a meeting and I thought I am going to do the orientation at 2:30 but me and my boss had a misunderstanding -- I found out that I don't have to. Well, the meeting is about us (Filipino staff) speaking on our native language. One of the big boss came just to tell us (nicely, mind you)…

Quality Time

Hi! Hello! Soooo~ I was supposed to post a blog about my daily from two weeks ago last Saturday, but (you guessed it right!) I slacked off. I'm sorry. It was a exhausting two weeks and the blog was all about me ranting anyways sooo yeah. It was the usual: we have enough full timers and part timers but almost all of them booked off that week to go camping that's why I can't find anyone to fill in a…

Life Lately | Vol. 3

I know I haven't been writing on this blog for quite some time now. I think I've been procrastinating a lot err, scratch that; I am procrastinating. I have all the time to write but I always chose not to XD Anyways, things are great. I am fine though a little bit stressed because of work; the usual busyness during spring/summer days. (more…)

Hot Wings Friday

It's almost 3AM and here I am -- still wide awake and browsing the web... to think we're going out at 8AM for my mum's birthday celebration. I had to ask one of the managers if they could take my Saturday shift and luckily Ate D said yes. I had to take her Friday evening shift though but it's fine since she's only working as a kitchen crew. Friday night -- some might say TGIF but most; especially those who…

Haircut. Curry. Cookies.

Hola amigos/amigas! Guess it's been a while and as much as I want to tell you everything that had happened for the past few days, I won't be able to because 1) It'll take long and I know you will not read it anyway 2) I have limited vocabularies and words 3) I know you don't really care. LOL. So, I'll just write what had happened today (to keep track on my 'memory box' aka DIARY). (more…)


According on my 'To-Do-List', I am supposed to be in the gym for an hour; but, what the hell am I doing -- still on my bed with my laptop browsing any sites I find amusing. Sigh. To think I was really excited to hit the gym after 5months or so. (more…)