Sundate : Kung Fu Panda 3

February 29, 2016

How’s your weekend? Well, as I am writing this post, we are experiencing a blizzard. Which is making me a little bit worried for tomorrow, Monday, because uhm I’ll be doing the unloading of our delivery. Well y’know I’m really a man inside. Kidding aside, I really have to lift boxes tomorrow because it’s month end — unluckily — the guy who’s usually doing it NEEDS to do month end and I’m stuck doing the heavy lifting. Hey free gym! NOT. πŸ˜‘

So back to the title of this post… you must be thinking; How old is she? She still watch cartoons? How immature. Well, too bad, sometimes these animated movies that “are designed for kids” have more sense than the typical movie (getting ready to be attack) Okay, to be fair, I also enjoy watching Rom-Com, Fantasy, Action, Chick-flick — name any genre — I’ll appreciate it. But there’s just something about animated films that makes me 😍 or maybe, I really am a kid at heart lol πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸΎοΈ

Here’s the catch, I watched KFP3 with J who (as far as I know) seldom watches animated films. I think he’s not really into it so he doesn’t watch any. Night of Saturday tho, he asked if we should go out on Sunday. I said yes and as a joke I told him we should watch Kung Fu Panda 3. Imagine my surprise when he said SURE (not until he sent me a lengthy HAHAHA). So Sunday noon, we’re off to Brandon. Before we buy our tickets, I tried suggesting that we should just watch another movie (because I know he’s not into animated stuff and I don’t really want to force him to do something he doesn’t want to) but he insisted on KFP3 anyways. When we went inside the cinema, I was taken aback that it was full of children. I mean, I thought it won’t be because it’s been almost a month since it’s realeased (?)

Bottomline, I’m glad he enjoyed the movie. I was actually expecting that he’ll fall asleep halfway through it but he didn’t. He was laughing (or maybe because he finds it stupid?) and when we got home — after we resumed watching About Last Night, he requested that we watch KFP2 next. 

Deym. I was really amused. I mean, I’m thankful that he went with me to watch the movie. Though I bet this will be the last time he’s gonna watch an animated film with me πŸ˜‚ To think I want to watch Zootopia this week.

That’s it pancit!

Will write again soon!



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