March 15, 2015


Actually, not really. I was really planning to shop till I drop, right? But things happened so — I just bought a few items and that’s it.

My mum woke me up around 7AM, but my alarm was already set off at 6:30AM. Too bad though, that I fell asleep at 6AM which made my ‘getting up early’ really hard. I think we took off around 9-ish or half an hour past 8 and because I was in a hurry to get ready, I forgot my iPod which I just updated and added ‘new’ music for the sake of using it today. Instead of mopping and getting mad because of it, I decided to let it go. Anyways, it was already past 11 when we got to Winnipeg, so my ‘rents were asking me where we should eat. They asked me if I wanted to go to buffet, I said it doesn’t matter and I actually prefer buffet because there are plenty of dishes to choose from. But lo and behold, we went to this asian grocery store and they told me that we’re just going to eat there instead. Because I don’t actually want to ruin the day for my mum, I hold my frustration and just said ok. But deep down — deep down inside of me … I don’t really want to eat there. So when they were telling the lady (the server, I guess) their order, I stood there and stared at the food in annoyance. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like the food being served there — I just want to try something else for that moment. I wasn’t even expecting us to eat there, ok? I only ate like a spoon/forkful of noodles and that’s it.

And for almost half of the trip, I wasn’t talking to them. When they were asking me whether I’m gonna shop for clothes, I’d just say “I don’t know,” or “I’m not going to buy anything” Why the fuck am I being mean to my own parents? I’m acting like a brat. I went on a separate way however, when it seems like they don’t know where they are going to go next (though it feels like my mum wants to go in every clothing store but her buddy, me, was not in the mood for it so off they go to buy that watch).

For my first stop, I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy perfume. The Eau de Parfum version of the Sexy Little Thing, Noir is pretty sophisticated and it looks really uhm — too fancy looking for me. That’s why I settled for the body mist (the smaller size) instead. And well I also wanted to try their new scent, Very Sexy Now but I realized how formal the smell is — it DOES SMELL NICE but, it’s the type of perfume I’m going to wear for a wedding or any social gathering. I only bought one 75mL body mist but it took me about 15 minutes to pay for it. LOL.

Second stop was Sephora. I don’t go in the shop whenever we visit the mall (I always prefer to go online.) However, I really wanted to try a cleansing oil (I actually saw Bubz using one in her vlog and I’m like: “I also want to try using cleansing oil.”) The lady was nice to show me where could I find it and she recommended me what kind of oil (more like brand) should I use depending on my skin type. I am uncertain though on what skin type I have. I told her I’m combination anyway -_- She gave me Boscia: Make Up-Break Up Cooling Cleansing Oil. Hope it’ll do wonder on my skin 🙂 I also grabbed an eyeliner from Urban Decay in Desperation. I already paid when I remembered I also have to buy an eye cream and a moisturizer. Figured I’ll just buy it online and well, I still have a good amount of cream at home. They also gave me a free sample of fragrance by Marc Jacobs in Daisy — I must say, it smells nice. I might get it next time 🙂

Last stop, Hudson Bay — where I spent twenty minutes of walking around trying to look at different moisturizers, bought a Mac lipstick for a friend, criticizing how the bags are overpriced and realizing how I actually dislike leathers while waiting for my ‘rents who were there to buy a watch (I’ve mentioned that already didn’t I?) We also went to the store beside it; Shoppers Mart (I guess it was my last stop in the mall lol) and bought 2 cans of dry shampoo.

After that, we decided it’s time to go home. But, first I have to eat. And I wanna eat some Qdoba foodies. Too bad our stupid GPS almost made us get lost XD And after a 15min ride back to the mall, we finally found the Qdoba restaurant.

Around 8pm, shortly after we just got home, I went out with my friends (again) to watch a movie. Details for this movie will be up on my next entry. This one is just way tooo long XD

Good night!

– end of entry –

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