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October 8, 2015

Let’s start the recap!! Yeosh!

Monday, September 28th

Hmm, it was my day off but I went to the store because we had a meeting and I thought I am going to do the orientation at 2:30 but me and my boss had a misunderstanding — I found out that I don’t have to. Well, the meeting is about us (Filipino staff) speaking on our native language. One of the big boss came just to tell us (nicely, mind you) that we still have to speak english while working and we can speak any language we want during breaks. He asked whether we have any complaints or thoughts regarding it but me and the other Filipino managers doesn’t have any problem with it.

Tuesday, September 29th

Nothing major happened this day, uhm, I just did the schedule and helped them on the floor when I was done. Oh, yes, and I was mentally preparing myself because I had to do the truck on Wednesday that week. Oh men, it’s gonna be hell.

Wednesday, September 30th

Okay, lemme tell you the reason why I had to do MB/truck today. It’s because the manager who’s supposed to do it (our Rest. manager) had to do month end. And since I screwed up counting before I don’t wanna do it again lol. Anyways, whenever I do MB/truck I always come in at 9. But I kinda realized that if I come in earlier I’d have lots of time to organize and rotate products before the truck comes in at 1pm. So lo and behold, I came in 15 mins past 7 in the morning. Anyways, it’s just the two of us and I feel so bad for my partner lol because between us he’s the one who actually carried and lifted heavy loads and all I can do is to carry a box and set it on the floor (and he’d do the stocking) I had bruises all over my knees because I used it to push products and support the crates and trays so they won’t fall over me. And when I thought I’ll be done on time — I received a message from RM asking if I could do the orientation. I agree since I don’t really mind doing it but started regretting my decision once 3 o’clock came. Anyway, that’s it for that day.

Thursday, October 1st

Oh hi there October! Can you believe it? Two more months and 2015 will be over /sigh/ Time flies by way too fast 🙁 However, I am excited because I’ve got to spend Christmas back home hihihi 🙂 Okay, for this day, I believe I didn’t do anything hahaha! Lazy arse. I slept all day and I only went out to buy food at McDonald’s lol. Night came and I’ve been waiting all day just to watch EB mainly because of Kalyeserye (I’m just hoping you guys know what I’m talking about hahaha 😅) Anyways, the episode that night was really funny and nakakakilig that I wasn’t able to sleep right away (the show — erm I mean the kalyeserye not the show itself). So while trying to sleep (it was close to 2am and I have work at 6:30 damn) I was on Twitter and — AND I CAME ACROSS A TWEET THAT SAYS DARN JAEJOONG AND YUNHO WAS ON THE SAME EVENT. I CAN’T EVEN. I THINK I DIED. LOL. Anyways I forced myself to get some sleep first before fangirl-ing.

Friday, October 2nd

Okay, so remember that tweet that I found out around 2:30 in the morning? It turns out there’s more than ‘they were on the same event thingy’. THEY TALKED. HUGGED. AND TALKED. GREET EACH OTHER’S FAMILY. AND TALKED SOME MORE. Unf!! I wasn’t able to concentrate at work. I was sooo happy I wanted to cry TT__TT I mean, OMG it’s been what — 6 years? Like maybe they were really talking at each other in discreet but for the first time — they talked in public. IN PUBLIC GUYS. IN PUBLIC. in your face haters! So yeah, while working I feel like I’m walking on clouds. I was smiling all day and whenever a customer were complaining or something bad happens, my co-worker will just remind me about the hug and mini reunion and I’d be in the mood again hahaha. However, all good things come to an end — well not really — sooo~ while I was putting away the puncher on the cupboard (just above my head) it slid and fell on the counter and on the floor — missing my head and my foot by inch. It didn’t occur to me that the puncher fell on top of my phone as well — not until I saw it minutes later. I was heartbroken. I wanted to cry but my co-workers keep on reminding me about the hug of my boys just to cheer me up lol (so thoughtful eh?) Okay, since I’m starting to feel restless, I decided I’d go to Brandon to upgrade my plan (we were planning to hang-out after work anyways so yeah). After work, we’ve decided to watch a move (Hotel Transylvania) however, when we got there, we went to a steak house first because we’re all starving.

The movie is at 7:30 and we got there around 6pm. We figured out that we won’t be able to catch the movie so we took our time eating. I was able to buy a new phone (err upgrade it I mean) and hell, I don’t wanna know how much I’m going to pay on my next bill :'( Oh well, that’s life. I haven’t buy anything for myself for the past few months hihihi.

Saturday, October 3rd

Hmm, aside from my ears getting red and hot because I held back my anger — nothing major happened this day. Hmm, my friend E, went home early because she was not feeling well (she’s suffering from fibromyalgia) and I had a hard time filling her shift. And then, I think 2 more staff called in lie sick. We almost forgot to put down chicken during change-over and we totally forgot to make gravy (it was already 12nn when I realized we didn’t make any). I also thought RM (our boss) was mad or not in the mood when he came in because I wasn’t able to fill in the shift of E; I just extended some shift so it’s still covered but it turns out he’s fine. Oh and I finally got my XS shirt. I’ve been asking him about it for the past 2 months hahaha.

And J went to visit me at home and we resumed watching Full House (korean drama). It’s been a week since we last see each other because he had to work for the whole week so he can get extra day off and use it to attend the course he needs to take (a requirement for LPN)

Sunday, October 4th

I’m already having trouble remembering what happened to this day lol. ‘A’ who is one of the newly promoted managers came in late. Well one minute late to be exact. I wanted to get mad because he’s been doing that for a while now. However, he looked like he’s carrying the whole world on his shoulders so instead of lecturing him I kind of end up cheering him up instead. Later on I found out that he has ‘heart’ problems. Not that heart problem — love problems. We all told him to do same thing — LET GO. Sigh, it’s complicated. I feel bad for him 🙁 His situation is really hard. Anyways, J’s (the one I was going out with) younger brother (I work with him as well) opened up to me; about his relationship. It’s funny and annoying at the same time to know the petty reasons why they fight. I want to say something that would make sense or mean but I held back because 1) I don’t really know his girlfriend. I mean I’ve met her before but we don’t really talk (even on social media/facebook) and 2) I’m not in any place to say anything because it feels like I don’t have the right to (lol). So while he was telling me the problem about their relationship (is that considered complaining?) I always ask/remind him: BUT YOU STILL LOVE HER. Though I appreciate it that he opened up to me hihi.

So after work, I got a message from my girlfriends that we should take A out for a coffee and at the same time hear his worries and heartaches. So we took him at Tim Hortons’ but we didn’t stay long because I have a date at 5 and one of my girls have a family dinner with his boyfriend.

For our date though, we just watched The Martian and then went back home and hang-out. Watched another episode of Full House again lol. I had fun. I always have fun when I’m with him 🙂 <3

That’s it for the week of 28th of September. Hihihi. I’ve been writing this blog for a week now hahaha! smh. Will write again (soon I hope).


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