October is HERE!

October 2, 2016

It’s OCTOBER! This year’s about to end and I haven’t had any idea/s on how to update this blog on a daily basis. I’ve been trying to do it every Friday y’know but — work actually it’s the laziness.

On my previous post, I did say err write something about me going to Monday and Wednesday class. It is a pre-requisite course for the program I am applying for. Well, long story short I freaking passed it. I wasn’t really expecting it. When we had the exam I am confident that I will fail it LOL. So I braced myself when the instructor approached me with my exam paper and there — on the top of it I saw my score. 95. Heck yeah 95. I didn’t care if it’s not really a high score. All I care that time was: I PASSED. I PASSED. And then crap happened on my phone. It doesn’t want to turn on and it kept on shutting off. Right when I need to tell someone I passed the course. Anyway I got so excited I forgot to grab something to eat and just drove off back home.

Well now, the waiting game begins. I sent my application with my TOR last Monday. I was actually planning to submit it in person last Wednesday so I don’t have to worry about it but we had to go somewhere with my friends. So I’ve been checking my mobile bank app if that $75.00 application fee has been charged on me yet and checking my transaction often doesn’t really help. I mean, it’s killing me inside. I keep on thinking that maybe they didn’t acknowledge my application or there’s something wrong with my transcript of records or my mail got lost somewhere. HOLY SHT. I’M FREAKING OUT. *breathes*

Since I’ve already taken a step for my “educational plans” … I can’t help but get excited on quitting my full time job. I have this scenario in my head on when I’m going to tell our RM when’s my last day gonna be or what I’ll do on my last day. I can’t help but imagine. But I don’t want to expect anything tho. I mean, I told you what if they rejected my application. I’d feel dejected if that happens. I’m keeping mum about this plan of mine lol If they’re asking when I’m gonna go back to school I always say ‘next year’. My parents doesn’t even know that I already sent my TOR and my application though I think they’ve got a rough idea I did already. I’m getting desperate to go back to school 😂

Wish me luck!


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