May 16, 2014

As funny as this might sound — this is for real — I AM IN LOVE.


It’s the Canon PowerShot 12.1MP 5X Optical Zoom Digital Camera (N100) And I am so loving the design. I want! I want! I want! OH~ I WANT IT!

I haven’t read any reviews regarding this camera yet, but the fact that it has a unique feature (that other cameras doesn’t have — obviously — pssh) makes me want to buy it. Oh gosh! I am more than ready to get a hold of this precious little thing. Will let my parents know about this first though and I hope (crosses fingers) that they’ll let me buy it ^_^ Oh I really hope so! But wait, I was also planning to buy that Canon Selphy CP-900 printer O_O I want to buy that photo printer because I want to make a memory photo on my wall in my room, just above my headboard. Well, I guess I have to decide whether to buy the camera first (while it’s still on sale) or the photo-printer (which is out of stock at Walmart Brandon atm) /sigh/

Oh, the hard decisions in life.

LOL. I’m just kidding!

Keep safe everyone!

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