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November 9, 2017

I was writing a horror post for halloween but I wasn’t able to finish it on time lol so I’ll just post it next year of October 31st.

What’s up, people? Having fun so far? Enjoying winter I hope? Well for me it’s a love-hate relationship for this season. I kinda love that it’s all white outside but I hate that it is cold, you feel me? It’s just so beautiful but dangerous/deadly at the same time. And it is pretty scary to drive in the evening for my class especially when it just snowed earlier that day because well, it will be slippery and overtaking a slow (but careful) vehicle is out of the question — which can be frustrating when you are running late. I am trying not to overspeed because y’know I am also scared for my life and knowing me, I can be a little bit short tempered when the car in front of me is running “slow”. As much as I want to think that our evening class will be over soon (one more month to go) that span of time can be tricky and a lot can happen — with the snowstorm, highways being closed, blowing snow, icy roads, yada yada yada. So I’m crossing my fingers for a good winter until this class is over. Besides, I am also worried for my boyfriend because he’s driving back and forth to class (with his classmate that also live here in town).

Since it is winter, my mom told me that I might get a lot of call from work to fill in some shifts and it’ll be mostly mornings (and usually weekend) — the problem is I cannot wake up early. Like I’ve been called a few times already and I haven’t return a single one of them. I hated myself for doing that because duh, that’s money and I needed it but I wasn’t doing anything to get it. So from now on, even if I slept late or haven’t sleep at all I will answer the call and will pick-up the shift. Sayang eh. Besides, I have nothing else to do at home. Just lie on my bed all day, checking my phone, watching anime and/or playing The Sims 4. I feel like I am wasting the opportunity so I will do better from now on. And as much as I don’t want to give any excuses for my actions: it’ll be our exam next week, Monday and my shift’s kind of screwed up. From Friday-Sunday I will be working evening shifts, 3-11:15pm and Monday I’d do a day shift, 7:00-3:15pm. So I don’t know if I will actually be ready for our unit exam. I am pretty nervous to be honest.

Anyway, I made an appointment for an eye exam (November 28th) because my eyes are bugging me. Well, I think I have a problem with my vision already. Like legit it’s starting to get blurry especially when I am reading something in a distance. I am also having trouble at work like I cannot read what’s being projected on that screen where they put the room number when a resident/patient ring the call bell. And recently, when I woke up, something weird happened on my left eye — when I opened my eyes, I noticed that my left eyesight is really blurry compared to my right eyesight. I don’t know whether it’s because of the pressure on my left eye while sleeping on my side or something else. There are times as well when I feel like there is something in my eye that makes it blurry, like when a hair gets into your eye or a tiny fibre — which will then prompt me to blink my eye or scratch it but it is not helping at all. So with all those sudden changes that I have noticed, I have decided to get my eyes check. If ever they recommend me to wear glasses to correct it then that’s ok, I finally had my dream come true lol and if they say there’s nothing to worry about then GOOD NEWS right? The only problem I can think of now is uhm, the cost of the frame and the lenses. They can be pretty expensive especially when you are not covered by any insurance, which is in my case I don’t think I am covered. Please donate! Just kidding.

Okay. That is my ‘update’ for this month. Lol. Have a happy month everyone!


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