Thoughts 101: NOODLES

August 9, 2015

Last weekend (y’know when I was home alone) I was craving for noodles. I don’t know whether it’s because I was watching an anime that has something to do with noodles or the chapter of the manga I was also reading that time (which the characters of the said manga were eating noodles) OR I just really want to eat noodles — and it was in the middle of the night so yeah … midnight cravings -_- So I decided to eat instant noodles for brunch the following day (it’s been ages since the last time I ate instant noodles/cup noodles so I guess it’s fine fufufu) Lo and behold, when I opened the pantry I found NOTHING. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that there was nothing in there TT__TT I was so sad … so devastated … so … so … SO SAD. But instead of going out and buy at one of the asian store downtown, I opted to resume watching Yakitate! Japan and eat whatever’s available in the fridge (I think I settled for a bread with Nutella)

So for almost a week, I’ve been dying to eat noodles. I even chose not to eat anything while I was working so I could eat noodles after. My co-workers were telling me to go eat something but I refused. I keep on telling them I want noodles. They even jokingly say that I am craving noodles because I am preggo — which is a little bit awkward because I was working with the dad of the guy I was going out plus my friend accidentally (or maybe not) called him lolo (granddad) and he was like: I’M A GRANDDAD NOW? It was hilarious and at the same time embarrassing. Later that day though, my dad’s supposed to pick me up after work but I figured he won’t be home until 3:30 so I just decided to walk home (it’s only a five minute walk from our house to the store). I was planning to wait for him so I could ask him to drive me to the store to buy noodles but half an hour later, he was not home yet — to cut it short, no noodles for me.

And then last Friday, my mum bought 4 packs of instant noodles. It wasn’t the one I was craving for but I’m so happy I got to eat noodles after 6 (?) days. Now I can say that my cravings for noodles had finally come to an end. LOL

That’s it for now.


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