Never Again

October 25, 2016

Last Saturday, me and my friend A attended our friend’s sister’s baby dedication. My parents got invited as well since my mom and my friend’s mom work together. So the day before the event I heard my mom telling my dad that they should go because it’s embarrassing not to.

I worked until 3pm that Saturday and was starving when we arrived at the venue (Event started at 4). So when they told us to go downstairs because it’s the time — me and A were the very first to go. It was also us who were on the line first (to get food) and those who knew us were laughing because of how we behaved. We even took a whole llanera of leche flan to our table and I emptied a half container of Crunch (the chocolate) that are supposed to be for children. This is the first time that I did something silly on an event and ate more than I can. By the time almost of the guests were leaving, I realized that my parents haven’t showed up yet. When I asked where they are, I found out that they’re still on Brandon. I figured they won’t be able to attend since people were going home and our friend’s family (and their friends) were already tidying up. Anyways after wrapping our “take outs” we’ve decided it’s time to go.

I was kinda expecting that my parents are already home but when I saw that there were no lights turned on, I realized that they were still probably on their way. When I got to our back door — that’s when I realized — I didn’t bring my key with me because I was expecting my parents to go to the party, but then I forgot about it and didn’t occur to me that I actually have no key. It was raining and it was cold. I texted my mom and tried to reach her by calling but holy freaking smokes! Her phone was dead. I didn’t know where they put the spare key since they moved it (my dad was trying to fix our shed; that’s where we keep it before) However, no one bothered to tell me where they moved it. So I’m like swearing and was really mad. I  looked at the time and I already spent almost 20mins thrashing outside when I can actually call my friend to pick me up and go somewhere warm. So I calmed myself. It’s been almost 20mins since I got home so I’ll just sit and wait for another 20mins. Luckily, fifteen minutes later I saw their truck pulling up on the driveway and secretly thanked heavens. I was still mad so I told my mom NEVER to go out without charging their phone because aside from swearing and getting mad; I was also a bit worried. Hey, what if something happened — right??

There’s my lesson: always bring your key wherever you go.


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