Thoughts 101: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

August 18, 2014

I just finished watching MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO and dern, I hope I had watched it years ago because it was SOOO GOOD. It was hilarious and at the same time, melodramatic. Especially the scenes of Cha Min-sook and Director Ban Doo Hong lol those scenes are EPIC and the scene where Kim Byung Soo and Ban Sun-Nyeo tried to guess what’s the reason why Mi-Ho and Park Dong-Joo is getting married and they end up imagining way too much LOL. However, there are some things that I noticed while watching the drama (I know, there’s no tv show/drama that’s perfect. P.S these are just my thoughts, it’s not even considered as a review because heck, I can’t even make a proper one).

  • Mi Ho’s face when she transformed into a fox. Because Daeng-Wong left her in the ferry and was surrounded by water and so her energy went way down the hill (you know what scene I’m talking about right? LOL) they should’ve put some hairy stuff on her face just to give the viewers an idea about her ‘foxy look’ but then again, maybe it’s way too much expensive.
  • When Mi Ho’s running and it doesn’t seem like she’s running that fast; ‘faster than a human speed’.
  • The summary of Eun Hye-In’s character on WIKI made me think that her feelings for Dae-Wong weren’t really genuine. She actually liked him but wasn’t able to recognized/realized until Mi Ho entered the scene.
  • No Min Woo’s facial expressions. I like his expression the best when he’s being cold but deym, when he starts to be dramatic — I just couldn’t *facepalm* he’s hot though and at some point I hated his character because well, he always ruin something. I’m glad he did the ‘right thing’ at the end 🙂 And when I haven’t watched and researched MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, I really thought his character will help Mi Ho but oh boy, I was wrong!
  • I wish they made a more detailed background story of Gi Dal and Park Dong Joo. I want to know more about it but I don’t like to see No Min Woo with a facial hair. Just. No. It doesn’t suit him -_-
  • Did Mi Ho and Park Dong-Joo got married? Because I think the wedding was skipped and Mi Ho asked Park Dong-Joo for a favor and the next day, when they are ‘supposedly get married’ Dong-Joo went to Dae-Woong to tell him the truth and Mi-Ho was already in the airport. Where’s the wedding??

Next the OSTs. I LOOOVE all the songs used in this k-drama. From Lee Sun Hee’s ‘Fox Rain’ to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Starting Now, I Love You’ <- the english title sounds wrong though. The only thing I don’t like is the auto-tuned songs: Trap and Loosing my Mind. I don’t know if these songs will sound better without the auto-tune or with. I saw a vid of No Min Woo’s live performance of TRAP and compared to Seung Gi’s Losing My Mind live performance, it wasn’t auto-tuned and was sang live. Seung Gi’s live performance made me cringe and ugh OTL Too much auto-tune for me (the dance steps are cute though). The lyrics of the songs really compliments the drama’s storyline and the character’s feelings.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this korean drama. I was so tempted to skip some of the episodes just to see what happened in the last episode but I was glad I didn’t. I was able to savour each scenes. It’s also one of the drama’s I’ve watched that made me kilig (it means a tingly feeling you get when you watch a couple in dramas/movies and they’re being lovey-dovey HAHAHA)

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