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January 14, 2015

We finally able to push through our plan to watch a movie last Monday. Me and my friends have been planning to go out since last week but wasn’t able to because of our darn schedule. I’ve been suggesting that we should see Into the Woods and they all agreed, at first. Too bad one of them suggested Taken 3 — and it’s a three against one fight — and yeah, we ended watching Taken 3 instead. I hid my disappointment because I don’t want to ruin the day just because I want to watch Into the Woods so badly lol.

The title of the movie is not familiar to me. But when they told me that it’s a sequel to a movie I’ve seen before about a teenage girl that went to Paris with her best friend and ended up being kidnapped, I was intrigued. I didn’t know there was a part 2 and 3. I liked the first movie so I gave it a chance. Which by the way, I’m glad I did. I’m not actually fond of action movies. But there are some that I can’t stop watching and is willing to watch even if it’s already halfway to the end. Taken 3 is one of those movies. I did enjoy the movie, and was really amazed on how good Bryan Mills still is. I mean, if we base it in real life — he’d be too old to do those awesome moves and tactics. But I guess, age doesn’t really matter when it comes to saving your daughter and trying to find justice for your ex-wife’s death — especially when you are wrongly accused. Plus, he still got the moves and the logic skill to solve and match puzzles. I told my friend that if he’s my dad I’d be really proud of him and I’d ask him to train me 😀

The plot twist is kinda expected, though it’s really sad that her ex-wife got killed when in fact there’s a chance that they’ll get back together. I was really sad when he ran away and it seems like he got nowhere to go and he can’t really mourn the death of Lenora. That really hits me /sigh/ Inspector Franck Dotzler already knew that he was innocent but he still chased him — though I actually like his character 🙂 I find some funny scenes in the movie — I don’t know if it was intended but still it was funny for me.

Liam Neeson — OMG. Can’t think of anything else but how good his voice is */////∇/////*

Ahh~ I don’t know if you’ll find this movie good or if you’ll gonna enjoy it but I do recommend this for you. I had fun watching it. Though me and my friends hope that this will be the last instalment of the movie because it feels like his problems never end 😀 We were jokingly saying that if ever there’ll be a fourth instalment, it’d be his grandchild that would be ‘taken’ or kidnapped.


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