Movie night. Cinderella.

March 16, 2015

Saturday. March 14th.

I wasn’t really supposed to go with my friends because Hanna asked me if I could bring my car (apparently there’s no more space for me) but we haven’t unloaded all the stuff we bought from Winnipeg and we’re still 10mins away from home. So I decided I’ll just stay at home and rest. However, minutes later she was trying to phone me and I just received a message that there’s one more seat for me. She made me hurry up and had to ask my mum to drive me to Tim Horton’s (they were waiting there; well, more like they ordered drinks). So yey! 

It was already decided that we’re going to watch Cinderella. And the boys doesn’t have any choice to watch it with us because GIRLS RULE. Nah, just kidding. They were actually planning to watch Kingsmen. I don’t know why they settled for Cinderella, to think there were only 6 girls (versus 10 boys).

Watching the movie with my friends made the movie looks silly. I mean, the movie is great (somehow I dislike the ball gown just a tiny little bit). We just find some of the scenes funny. My friend’s boyfriend actually called the kingdom: Bakat Kingdom because the crotch area of the Prince is really ‘noticeable’. And when Cinderella did that curtsey when she entered the ball dance; we jokingly thought she got tired from walking all the way up to the castle — with that lengthy stair I’m pretty sure she’d be tired and haggard when she reached the castle doors; that is if she’s in OUR world LOL.

To summarize my day, I had fun. It might be tiring but it’s all worth it 🙂 I hope that we all can go out again sometime soon. And I’m hoping that we are all complete 🙂


That’s it folks. Goodnight!

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