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August 26, 2016

Hi! I know I still owe myself a post about my California escapade but lot of things happened since then. I mean sorry self, I find it hard to recall what had happened that week and well after that my parents went on a Europe trip (France, Italy and I don’t know where; travel goals parents)

It’s been a long while, eh? And like what I said a lot of things happened — did I ever mention that my boyfriend’s going back to school? Well, last year he quit his full-time job because he’s really planning to go back to college (he’s going to take Practical Nursing) so while waiting for his application to be processed and since those who are applying for that course are on waiting list, he started looking for a part-time job (though eventually he got the full-time spot) Anyways, he was waiting for a letter (from college) that lets him know he’s gonna be admitted either this September or January and since it’s almost the end of August I kinda assumed that he’ll start on January. However, yesterday morning, he got a phone call from the administration (of the college, obviously self, duh) and was asking him if he wants to start this September. Well to tell you honestly, I have mixed emotions. Basically because it’s just 2weeks away and I got used to his presence already. Though of course, I don’t want to be selfish that is for his future lol. Anyways, I’ll just deal with my emotions later on and I know it’ll be easy. sigh.

Okay, now — after our holiday in San Diego, California last July, I’ve made my decision that I’ll pursue studying. Though it was still not a 100% yes I’ll go back to college this September. But as soon as we got home, I registered for that stupid math course that is pre-requisite for the Practical Nursing and the only course I wasn’t able to pass twice three years ago. I mean, I took the math course twice because I keep on failing the final exam, though for those two tries I have three chances to pass it but because I am toooo lazy I just ignored it. So there, I am finally registered and this time it’s not a distance class — I choose to drive 45minutes every Monday and Wednesday (it will be after my morning shifts mostly) just so I can focus on it.

When J told me earlier that he’s really going to go this September, I am happy and at the same time my drive to go back to college kind of went from 85%-100% right away. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m really competitive inside lol. So I was trying to encourage my friend (who took nursing back home before) but she said she doesn’t really want to work full time anymore. Well, I think I was just waiting for someone to take the program (Practical Nursing) with me before. And now that someone had taken a step before me — it stirred something inside me to do the same. And I’m starting to think about the future (marriage, house, family, kids, etc.) and I want to help my cousins back home (financially).

Besides I really want to quit my job lol. It’s tiring. At the same time it’s scary to think what to do after college. Oh well, that will be a long time away from now. I’d better focus on the present first tho. And prepare myself for this September.

Self, please keep that little fire burning inside you. You can do this.

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