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April 4, 2015

March 25th 2015

I had my four days off last 20th of March; Friday-Monday. And because it is so rare for me to have a ‘long day-off’ I made sure that I didn’t waste it. Well, I think it’s already safe to say that I really had a good time because something unexpected happened.

After the movie (click for related post) and after all of us had gone home… this guy that I talked to (and wrote) about eons ago (who stole my first kiss) sent me a message on Facebook; he was teasing me about not paying for his movie ticket and later on invited me with my other girlfriends to go with them on Sunday for BBQ party. Too bad I can’t go because I won’t be off till 11PM. Well, our convo wasn’t that long and days after, he’d be like: Cy! (My nickname btw), and I’d reply: Nel! (his nickname) Then, that’s it. Though, days later, I kinda told him about my 4 days off and somehow along those conversation he asked me out — well asked me on a date. I thought he was only kidding so I said okay but when he said: ‘It’s a date then!’ I realized that he was indeed serious. The supposedly date is set on Monday and on Sunday night, I bumped to an ‘old’ friend who we don’t really see often because he’s too busy with work and everything else. I found out that they are planning to go to Winnipeg (since it’s his holiday) and Emerin was persuading him to hang out with them. I asked J whether he wants us to go with them to Winnipeg since it’s been ages ago when we last hang-out with this friend. He said it’s fine but it won’t be our date anymore. I jokingly told him that it’s gonna be a group date instead.

Anyways, even though it was a group date (with our friends in short) our trip and day was totally worth it. We had fun and there was never a dull moment during our ride back home even though we were already dead tired from all the walks and food that we ate. Oh, yes, we watched Insurgent and he somehow managed to seat beside me :’D And because there’s popcorn involved, he was trying to hold my hand but nah~ hahaha!

I still have loads of stuff to talk about but I’ll save that for another entry… It’ll be another long post for sure 😀

Good night!

– end of entry –

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