Midnight blues

August 3, 2017

Okay. Remember when I said I’m kinda chill now that I don’t have a job (well, as of the moment) Guess what, upon checking my account balance I am actually starting to panic. Because 1) I need to renew my account 2) I need to pay for my car insurance 3) Uhm, I think I’ll be needing money if I want to go out and 4) I have to pay for A&P 2 that’s worth like 700+

I am honestly starting to overthink. Again. I’ve got tons of what ifs and I’m starting to doubt myself — to regret my decision. But then, looking at how the current RM is handling things at my last job I can really say that I am soo glad I left that place. He is the kind of person I won’t be able to stand working with because for me he’s a mr-know-it-all-i’m-perfect-RM which is not even close. I’ve heard numerous complains about him already and I’m really thankful I’m out of there. I know, I know — there’ll be people like him that I will eventually work with *someday* but whatevs. I’d be more prepared by then (hopefully)

And I’m still hoping that I’d start this September lol so I don’t have to worry about finding a job. Which definitely won’t happen because I haven’t receive any confirmation letter yet. My heart is broken. I was really excited to start this semester but since it’s impossible (they can’t even provide me my wait list number) that excitement is starting to fade away. Man, waiting for another year is exhausting — yes you won’t feel the days passing but jeez, I really want to start soon. I am definitely worried. I hope this excitement, this drive to go back to school won’t fade away because I need it. Guess I’ll just wait for His plan to work out for me. Well, there. I have to wait for the summer to end before I could go find a job -_- not because I’m lazy and just waiting for the summer to end but because I’m still waiting for my IQAS result. Gosh, why is it taking so long 🙁

It’s almost 1am and I’m craving for sushi. AGAIN. We just went on a 45min drive to go to this eat-all-you-can sushi and I’m still craving for it. My goodness



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