Thoughts 101: Listening

January 18, 2015

Last January 16th, I went to Brandon to take my CELPIP exam (for our Citizenship). It went well — I guess. Though I’m nervous if what I did on Speaking section was right. I can’t wait to see the result 😀

Anyways, I discovered something during the Listening section. I don’t have any patience to listen to a 2-3 minutes long lecture. I mean — maybe I’m not really interested on the topic and was just listening for the sake of answering the questions right after the ‘talk’. When I think about it, this is probably one of the reasons why I can’t stand listening to lectures back when I was still a college student. Either I fall asleep or my mind is somewhere else. Now I’m having doubts whether I’d be able to concentrate on my lectures when I’ll go back to college (to pursue LPN). I hope that the topics will pique my interest. Or I might just choose a program that’ll suit my taste or something that is quite close to my passion.

Ugh, if listening is this hard — why do I find listening to gossips and music fun?

Oh, the irony of life. Tsk. Tsk

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