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February 10, 2018

I just had my surgery this afternoon. My very first major surgery — 4 wisdom teeth extraction. I don’t know whether I mentioned this on my previous posts but I was supposed to have my surgery on the 31st of December 2017. However, due to the fact that it was NYE (food and everything), and for the reason that I wasn’t able to find someone to switch shift with on Tuesday — I rescheduled my surgery, which I learned that it won’t be until February of  this year. So since food is lifer (lol), even though the dates are uncertain and it might have a conflict on my February schedule at work, I agreed to be on the wait list.

First week of February, I received an e-mail — not a phone call because they obviously had my phone number wrong 😓 and that e-mail I read the day after so I was able to contact them two days after they sent the message. I had two dates to choose from, the 9th and the 23rd — I chose the 9th because I have no work on that weekend (just a day shift on Tuesday) and my boyfriend can actually drive me home after.

The day of the surgery. I wasn’t nervous or scared — I think my boyfriend is. Anyways, the appointment is set at 12:30nn and since it’s a surgery, we are supposed to be there at least 15mins prior. However, we got there 20mins after lol and I thought we were late. Apparently, there were two more patients before me so I end up waiting for another one and a half hour for the surgery. I was hungry and parched. My last meal was around 23:30 but knowing me, I do get hungry often. So this day is a torture to me. When it was my turn (yay!) one of the girls asked me if I have a shirt underneath my hoodie, which I don’t have because I don’t wear anything underneath my hoodie, ever. So they kinda just wrapped the BP pressure cuff on top of my sleeves. The anesthesiologist came and oh boy I hate him. His hands are heavy — the way he inserted the IV hurts so much it made me remember to be grateful to my doctors when I was a kid and sick — because my doctors back then inserted the IV like it was nothing, I didn’t feel any pain. But this guy, oh boy! I dunno whether it’s because there are lots of patients today or what. Anyways, as soon as he pushed the med for dizziness in my vein, I felt the effect right away. And as soon as I told them they pushed another med and it knocked me out. The next thing I knew they were wheeling me into the recovery room and I’m slowly regaining my consciousness. I was shivering because it was cold in the room, I think, and they didn’t even bother giving me a blanket *sad* The nurse that was in-charge in the recovery room told me tho that I am her favourite because I woke up right away. Twenty minutes later, the lady assistant walked me in the washroom to put a fresh gauze on the surgery site and made me drink the apple juice. Told her I had to pee tho and kinda thankful she understood me because there’s a gauze in my mouth and my mouth and tongue are numb so I’m mumbling. She laughed and commented when I drank the whole cup of apple juice prepared in there. In my mind I wanted to tell her that it’s probably because I’ve never had anything for the past 13Hours 😑

Since I cannot have anything hot to drink/eat and strictly soft foods only, my boyfriend offered to buy me an iced green tea latte but he forgot to say iced so I end up having the hot one. I didn’t drink it tho, not until it cooled down. For my meal, I ate a couple of spoonful of mashed potato because I started to feel dizzy. I took the painkiller right after I started to feel my bottom lip which is a mistake because I wasn’t able to eat properly. He stayed with me until I woke up three hours later and bought me a tub of blueberry cheesecake ice cream because I told him I want it. I wasn’t expecting him to give me a serving of a whole bowl though I finished it all lol. Since my parents are out, he stayed until they were home. I’m really lucky to have him ❤ He actually have a class today but he didn’t attend just so he could stay with me.

I really thought I’d be zoned out like the people I see on ig vids who got their wisdom teeth out but I guess we really have different reactions on everything. As for the pain and swelling, I haven’t noticed any yet, probably tomorrow. Tho *crossing my fingers* I hope I won’t swell that much hihi.



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