Life Lately | Vol. 5

April 23, 2016

Just like that, April’s about to end and I haven’t written anything yet. Sigh. 

Well, let’s see… what have I been up to these past few months? I feel like there’s no significant or major thing happened to me aside from few frustrations at work and well, in life.

* * *

For the past days that I’ve been working evening shifts (3PM-11PM) I’ve been hearing nothing but complains from this late night crew. We’ve cleaned, we stocked everything, we tried to organized and clean (again) but it’s not just up to her standard. I understand that we all have different perception to what is clean and what’s not. It’s just frustrating that some can’t understand the situation you were in and never tried to understand it. Day and evening shifts are obviously busier than late night shifts especially we are situated in this small town. Usually, detailed cleaning are done during late nights since it’s not busy at all. Sometimes we’re lucky that we aren’t busy so we can detail clean every crook and corner of the store but then, that is once in a blue moon chance. LOL I’m exaggerating. It’s not once in a blue moon but once in while. However, evening shifts been doing stuff that late nights are supposed to do. And now this specific staff wants to add more stuff for us to do. For days, I tried to understand her. I told her to relax, to calm down because we’ll do it eventually. Anyway, I got tired of her complaining so even though I was really planning to ignore her whining every night I decided to just do it. JUST F*CKING DO IT. See no more complain after that LOL. Though, I don’t know if she’ll say anything even though we cleaned everything. LOL.

Second frustration will probably be our summer holidays (at work). I get it that J, H, and I only have one weekend off a month — totally understandable 😒 totally fair 😒 I eventually got used to it. Sometimes when I have my weekday off, I just imagine that it’s my weekend off then voila! It is definitely the same as my Saturday and Sunday off. Now, that one weekend off a month is totally okay. What’s not okay is 3 managers can’t have day offs at the same time and H and I can’t have the same weekend off anymore. WTF right? To think we have lots of managers in the store. And here’s another one: We are not allowed to have holidays at the same time. WTF. We’re actually planning to go on holiday this summer in BC but meh. Stupid YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO bla bla shit. Oh and since H and I can’t go at the same time, her and A are planning to go on that trip instead 😢 Me is sad. They’re going on a summer trip without me again. It feels like I’m the one making sacrifices. CHARRR. I’ve been to BC before so it’s okay. Besides me and my ‘rents will go to states this summer. But holidays with friends is still different. It’s more fun than going with parents without any siblings (another con for being an only child. BUMMER) I really don’t know why the hell we can’t have our holidays at the same time. It’s still puzzling me. tsk.tsk.

I haven’t renewed my gym membership for a month (or two) now. It’s been getting harder and harder to go to they gym besides I can’t control my eating 😭 It’s like I’m working out so I can eat everything. It’s not bad but I’m not motivated. Having fit-inspiration doesn’t really help. I’m getting lazier each day. Anyways, I want to go back so I can wear those clothes I bought last time lol. Besides, I really want to have abs so I definitely have to watch and control my diet. For now though, I’ll just control my eating habits so I won’t be surprised when I start working out again. LEZZ DO THISSZ.

Oh and I changed my hair color. Again. From ash blonde to maple brown to mahogany brown. I decided to change it to mahogany brown because my previous hair color (maple brown) was starting to be the same color as my skin complexion LOL. I’ve been planning to dye my hair in a darker shade tho and I’m pleased to say that I really love my current hair color hihihi. I might keep it for a long time.

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