September 8, 2012

We arrived at around 4pm, and mind you it was a terrible flight. We had a stop over at Thunderbay, Ontario and I honestly wished they didn’t changed the crews (e.g Flight attendant and Pilots) It’s not that the attendants aren’t friendly (they’re supposed to treat the passengers nicely, right?) but I don’t know if the pilot/s had a hard time trying to land the plane because I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. It made me dizzy and it was the reason why I had a headache. After the flight, I swear I don’t wanna ride an airplane ever AGAIN.

Anyways, my uncle picked us up and he asked if we want to go home straight away or go on a ‘sight-seeing’ instead. My mum choose the latter even though she’s suffering from a headache; and I bet she regrets her decision 😛 My uncle drove us to the OUTDOOR WORLD and upon seeing it I thought it was a park or a gallery or something. It turns out to be a mall. A MALL THAT CONTAINS STUFFS FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. (Example: Camping, Fishing) Oh well, I think it’s a mini park too, because there’s an aquarium inside (which reminds me of OCEAN PARK in Manila). He also showed us the CANADA WONDERLAND and he told me that if I want to go there, I should ask my aunt (his and my mum’s youngest sis) to go with me because he’s been there couple of times already. And since me and my dad are hungry (excluding my mum since she had a headache) we decided to eat at a Chinese/Thai/Viet Restaurant (Asian Restaurant, I guess). I ordered a bowl of stir-fry noodles and wasn’t able to finish it. Oh, Jasmine tea smells so good that I don’t wanna drink it 🙂 We then went to his workplace. I don’t exactly know what he do, all I know is that it’s related to computers… so prolly a Computer Engineer, eh? He showed us where’s his cubicle/office is and his salary ($2k for two weeks, gahd I want that salary too!) After spending a whole half an hour to that place, we FINALLY went to their place. It was a nice house. 3baths (1 with only toilet), a basement, a small yet pretty convenient kitchen/dining, then the living room (it’s an open concept btw) and 4 bedrooms, and lots of storage in the house too. I’m honestly in love with their house lol, though I wish they organize and clean the house often so it’ll be more ‘presentable’.

I don’t know if we are going out tomorrow (hopefully not because I want to sleep all day) but there are still some things I want to write/discuss.

P.S I keep on saying JR is my nephew but he’s not. HE IS MY COUSIN for Pete’s sake -___-

– end of entry –

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