It’s been a while…

October 31, 2016

Hello! Just got home from a date with my ladies. It’s not a date obviously. We were supposed to go and eat at our friend’s party but we decided to just go to Dairy Queen instead. Mainly because it’ll just be two of us (minus H because she doesn’t want to go) who’ll be there — the rest of our friends went to Winnipeg. So we’ve decided to go out instead (and spend money lol)

It’s been a while since the three of us went out. We usually go out to watch a movie and eat dinner afterwards but because of our work schedules, we haven’t done that for a while. We talked about certain things that are happening around us (I guess you call that gossiping). We talked about our plans in the future — going back to school — and A going back home (to her family) We discussed about certain topics and we laughed at our silly jokes. And we ate some more.

I am happy that we were able to discuss our plans for the future without any hesitation or getting scared because finally I realized, none of us really want to be stuck up on one place…  I know it took too long but it’s never too late, right? Well, I’m just happy in general that we’ve got to spent time together again 😂  However, I’m trying not to get scared on what will happen in the future. It is scary but I am certain on one thing: I really want to finish my studies. No matter how hard it’s gonna be.

And I’m just spouting nonsense again 😂  Sorry.


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