How I became a k-pop fan

August 18, 2017

Being a fan has a lot of privilege – it is fun especially if you see your fave celebrity on the streets or even in the airports. It is a feeling you can’t easily forget and showing/giving support is worth it. You’d probably spend some cash or savings just so you could buy their albums, attend their concert, or to even buy some of their goodies/merchandise online. Spending hundreds or thousands can be nothing (for some) because money is replaceable but the experience and the happiness it’ll bring? Priceless.

I for one, is a fangirl. As you’ve noticed I am more into k-pop stuff than american pop/rnb and stuff. The very first Korean song I’ve heard is from Super Junior’s third studio album Sorry, Sorry. My dormmate let me listen to their album one evening of 2009 (it was just the two of us) because she found out that I’ve been listening to ARASHI and NAMI TAMAKI since I was in high school. So for a change I tried listening – keyword: tried. Because at that time I wasn’t able to appreciate it – I was simply not into it. So after shuffling the songs, she showed me her poster of them. Honestly, since I’m a first timer I kind of bashed them a lil bit. Saying stuff like: “They all look the same” “There’s only one who looks great” and mind you as a kpop fan (now) those are the things I don’t really want to hear – I’ll be offended tbh. I’m kinda thankful she didn’t get mad at me at that point; she understood my reaction erm probably, or maybe she got used to that kind of reaction already.

A year later, when I moved from our dorm to my friend’s apartment – one of our roommie’s kind of re-introduced me to k-pop. This time it’s Girls’ Generation; we watched all their MV’s (at the time) and all the variety shows they were in. I was hooked and became a fan (self-proclaimed SONE) As I was going through some of their fanmade videos, I came across a video wherein they used a very catchy song – and this song is not part of any of their albums/single. When the credits showed up, I’ve learned that it’s a song of DBSK: Balloons. And bam I looked for their videos on youTube and watched almost all of them (be it their live performance, a bit of their concert, MV’s, bts, etc) and fell in love with them and within half a day I proclaimed myself a Cassiopeia. And got heart broken when I learned about the lawsuit. The year I became a fan was the year I’ve learned about the split/lawsuit. Gahd my heart I can still feel the pain. 

Now as I was going through their videos again, I came across a video wherein they were in a show with Super Junior. Since it was a fanmade video not everything on that show were showed, just bits and stuff. I googled it and found out it was a variety show of Super Junior called Explorers of the Human Body. I had never laughed like that my entire life before. I was all out of breath and I was kinda regretting why I didn’t knew about them before even though my dormmate kind of introduced me to them already. Oh well, as I was almost on the last half episode of the show – I’ve memorized their names. All 13 of them. Yes, in between those eps I’ve looked up who else are in their group. And that’s when I proclaimed myself an E.L.F Now here’s the sad part: Since I just became a fan right at that moment, that same day I found out that they’re gonna be in Manila for their SS3 concert next week. I freaked out. I wanted to go so I messaged my ex-dormmate and asked if she knew anyone who can sell me a ticket and she suggested a few but unluckily all of the tickets they had were already sold out. She told me not to be disappointed and she asked me if I want to go to Araneta that Saturday to try my luck and to experience the mini event and the bazaar they prepared before the concert. When we got there I’ve realized I won’t be able to find anyone who was selling a tix, even the ticket booths were closed. Disheartened, the money I was supposed to buy for tix was spent to loads of merch and goodies. I bought 2 shirts, 2 pillows, a GG lanyard, some pins and keychains. I didn’t buy any TVXQ/DBSK/JYJ related because I was still heartbroken.

Year 2011, we moved here in Canada, and that same year Korean idol groups decided to hold concerts in Manila. Even Girls’ Generation went to dream concert that year. What the actual fuck. And that could’ve been the only concert  wherein they are complete (as 9) that I’d be able to see if we didn’t move. But that same year, as soon as I got my credit card, for the first time I’ve bought my fave k-idol’s album. I honestly forgot which album I bought first. But I was happy.

And out of all three of them, TVXQ/JYJ is the number one in my heart. I love them. So this is the story of me becoming a fan of TVXQ, SNSD, and SUPER JUNIOR. Honestly though, this post is supposed to be a rant but I guess I’ll just save it for later lol.


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