Hot Wings Friday

March 14, 2015

It’s almost 3AM and here I am — still wide awake and browsing the web… to think we’re going out at 8AM for my mum’s birthday celebration.

I had to ask one of the managers if they could take my Saturday shift and luckily Ate D said yes. I had to take her Friday evening shift though but it’s fine since she’s only working as a kitchen crew. Friday night — some might say TGIF but most; especially those who works at fast food or any family restaurant will definitely say otherwise; and I belong to the latter category.

Working Friday shifts can sometimes be fun but most of the time stressful. Well, at least for this Friday night, I’m not in charge of the restaurant… I am a crew. Anyways, hours before my shift, Debbie phoned me to pick up her order in Chicken Delight (Hot wings) before I go to work since she doesn’t drive (and I think her mum’s too busy to giver her a ride) I was really planning to pick it up before I go to work but I was late. I actually got there 5 minutes before 3pm LOL (what a lazy-arse I am, eh?) though one of the reasons why I was late: I had to wait for my mum who has the car. So about the hot wings, I asked my mum to pick it up for me (since my dad’s at home already) Minutes later, she called, telling me that there was no order for Debbie to be picked up. I asked Debbie herself whether I have to order it myself and she apologized right away for miscommunication LOL She actually meant that if I could order hot wings before I go to work XD Oh well, at least we still got our hot wings :3

About my work, nothing major happened — aside from the usual busyness. Though I must say, I can already feel summer (I know it’s still Spring) because of the ‘never-ending’ orders. Snow are almost gone 🙂 YIPPIE!

Now what should I get for my mum? Hmm. Bag? She already have lots of those. Clothes? Dress? Shoes? Watch? I dunno. I’m also deciding what to buy tomorrow aside from moisturizer, should I shop until I drop? LOL Just kidding! Good night folks! Will update again soon!


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