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April 7, 2014

It’s been a year since I’ve last post something here, eh? There are so many highlights from year 2013 up to this date that I can’t just simply write it on a single post. And mind you, even though I started a new blog for ‘an online diary purpose’ — I still find it hard to write. For example, something awesome happened to me one day and instead of writing it here I let my tardiness takes over me. What a lazy-ass. As what I’ve written earlier, lots of things happened and I don’t know where to start.

Hmm, let’s see. Last March, I got a Finnish Spitz Mix dog (yey!) I named her Luna — there’s no specific reason or meaning behind her name. She’s ten months old and she’ll turn one this June 🙂 She’s got lots of energy; very playful; not really sweet but she can be when she wants to lol; she barks when she really needs to potty or if she knows there are other dogs outside and she wants to play with them. Sometimes she’s pulling me when I walk her, it kinda frustrates me but I’m still trying my best to train her not to pull. And whenever she see people or cars or dogs she’ll bark at them — as much as possible, I take a different route just to avoid it from happening. Oh and did I mention her coat is black with brown spot (not really a spot) on her ears and there’s some white pattern on her chest and two feet. She’s not a small or big, a medium size dog I guess. But she’s a little bit smaller than a medium size dog lol.

Three of my closest friends will leave. One friend already moved in Alberta, friend B will be leaving on the 18th of April she’ll stay in the Philippines for two weeks and friend C will stay there for a year or so. Sigh. I’m a little bit sad and jealous because they got to go home. Oh well, I’ll have my chance soon! ^_^

I also want to talk about the days I spent on my work but, meh! All you’ll hear from me is ranting about my boss and the staff/people I have and some crazy/grumpy guests. Lol. I’m already stressed at work so I won’t bring it here. Well unless I really need to vent.

Maybe sometime I’ll tell you the story how I got Luna because darn it’s a funny and epic one lol. Catch you up later. I’ll just walk my doge 🙂

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