March 9, 2013

With all the blessings God gave me, I told Him that I will share it to anyone who’s in need as a sign of gratitude. The “someone who’s in need” left a message on my Facebook asking if I could help her because her son is in the hospital since last February 25. I don’t really know what’s the condition of her child. However, this isn’t the first time she asked for help. This is the fourth time. I want to help. Really. But I am actually doubting wether she is telling me lies or she really needs help (financially obviously).

I honestly don’t know why she always come to me whenever she needs to borrow money. Is it because she can’t pay me back right away? err more like she won’t be able to pay me back anyways Is she unemployed? How about her siblings? Her family? Her in-laws? Uhm how about her husband? Is God trying to test me? (lol)

I know I told Him that I’ll share my blessings. But (sigh) I don’t know. I think it’d be easier to lend her money if she’s not using her child as an excuse. Just tell me the truth that you need it. Don’t make up some stupid shit and tell me he is sick. What if it becomes real? Aish! Fine, I wish you’re telling me the truth. If not then I hope your conscience will eat you alive.

Ok? Ok.


– end of entry –

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