Happy 2018 y’all

January 1, 2018

It’s time to finally say goodbye to 2017.

2017 is the year I’ve had courage to quit my 6 year old job and find a new one — a complete different field. As I wait for calls, negative thoughts filled my brain. I thought it was the stupidest idea I’ve ever made. But then it turned out to be the greatest decision ever. As the saying goes: change can be scary, but what’s scarier is allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing.

My 2017 was filled of heartbreaks, tears, and endless chances. We reconciled, we grew up bit by bit and we understood each other a little bit more which is great. My friend used to tell me that relationships are hard work and you’ve got to work hard to make it work and I totally agree with that.

I am broke last 2017 and I think I’ll be more broke this 2018 (lol) because I’ll be in school soon. However, I’ve learned to prioritize things. Like buying/shopping. If I want to buy a certain item and don’t make abrupt decisions (buying right away) I’ll come to realize that I don’t need it — I just want it.

This 2018 I’ll do my best to be a better person. To understand my partner even more — lessening arguments by not getting mad at him for simple and petty things. And will spend more time with my friends and family. I’ll do my best to act according to my age and not to be a procrastinator. I will read more books and write more often.

Whatever 2018 brings to me, I will face it head on because 2017 made me stronger. Cheers to more blessings and challenges that we will face this year.

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